Going Back In Time With Playmobil Dinos

AD | Gifted Over the last few months Erin really seems to have changed how she plays and what she wants to play with. All of a sudden she seems a lot more grown up and has shown a really like for Playmobil sets. We were recently sent some fantastic exclusive sets from the Playmobil Dinos range. Playmobil Dinos Motorcross with Raptor We started off with the smaller of the three sets, the Playmobil Dinos Motorcross with Raptor. Up until this point, we hadn’t put together any big Playmobil sets so we wanted to start off

Playmobil Easter Eggs Review

AD | Gifted items This is the first year that Erin is really starting to show an interest in Easter. She has already sussed out where the Easter eggs are in the supermarket and she might have had a couple already! Instead of being all about the chocolate we want to make Easter fun for Erin and that means finding her some non-edible gifts. Playmobil kindly sent us their range of eggs! The range consists of 4 different eggs and what is really great is that they are not aimed at specific genders. The eggs