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One of the highlights of our week at the moment is doing an online quiz run by Laura at Tired Mummy of Two. As we can’t go out at the moment it’s really good to be able to chat to others online in a Zoom meeting and do something a bit different on a weekend. Me, John and Mum all take part and I like to think we’re a pretty good team. However, we have come 3rd every week so far and it’s quite frustrating. There are areas that we are terrible at and we wanted something that would help us brush up on certain subjects. We’ve been sent a trio of pub quiz books from Welbeck Publishing to help us out and we’re also giving away 2 sets at the end of this post!

Welbeck Publishing quiz books

The set consists of Ultimate General Knowledge, The Great British and Bar-Stool Scholar and they each have so many different kinds of questions in them.

The Great British is set out into multiple choice questions in various categories such as celebrity, kids’s tv and even things like fish. There’s a mix of what I think are both easy and hard questions but it’s a good one for gaining some random knowledge.

Bar-Stool Scholar offers 85 quizzes that are already set up for you, each with 30 questions. Some of these are pot luck quizzes and some are set into categories such as 60s films or maybe Around Scotland. This is a fantastic book for gaining some real knowledge of pub quiz style questions and topics you might not know much about.

The Ultimate General Knowledge really is that… a book full of all kinds of general knowledge questions. This book has 87 pre-written quizzes with 30 questions each, again set up into pot luck and other various categories. They’re great for setting up smaller quizzes between friends and family if you’re doing that kind of thing at the minute.

Win 1 of 2 sets of quiz books!

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Win 1 of 2 bundles of pub quiz books

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