Puppy Dogs and What They Need for Healthy Growth

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Dogs are remarkable creatures. Having one of them will undoubtedly enrich your life and provide you with unique experiences. Pups know how to connect with their owners on a higher emotional level, and they didn’t get the title of being a man’s best friend for nothing.

On the page below, see why the bonds between dogs and people are inseparable:


Educating yourself about everything you must know from the first day of having a dog is essential. For example, you must know how many times a day to go out for a walk, as well as how often your new pet needs a bath. But proper health care should be a priority, especially for a stray dog.

Check Dog’s Health

If you took the dog out of the shelter or from the street, you don’t know what conditions they lived in before. Different types of parasites inhabit the body of your furry buddy. Some of them are transmitted to humans, which is why it is essential to get rid of parasites and fleas as soon as the pup walks into your home.

The vet will prescribe pills to give your new pet for a while. Use special preparation to remove fleas. They are the primary transporters of the intestinal parasites. Do the cleaning regularly, before every vaccination. This protection is something you should never miss in the first months of your dog’s life. Investing in dog insurance, especially one that is affordable like Bivvy, can help lessen the overall costs of expensive veterinary bills. If you don’t know much about pet insurance, you should read up on the pros and cons but it’s generally a worthwhile investment.

How Much Does a Puppy Eat?

It’s essential to know how much puppies eat as well as what food you should feed them. If you’re unsure of the online answers, talk to your vet, and he’ll give you all the needed information. Puppies, as human babies require special care so they could grow properly.

The food amount usually depends on the age of the pup and the pace of their growth. For example, six to twelve-week-old puppies are in the phase of intense growth. They must eat puppy food as it contains all prescribed essential micro and macronutrient required for proper and healthy growth. 

Adapt Nutrition to Pup’s Age

The food for recently born pups is specially created to provide them with appropriate body development. Pooches less than three months old should eat four meals each day to meet all the nutritional needs. After three months, you can reduce the number of meals by one serving. The other three meals should be more abundant in quantity and quality. Your pet should get enough nutrients and vitamins which will increase their immune system and overall health and will let you to avoid some health issues which may occur in the future

Six to twelve-month-old pooches must eat two meals each day. In this period, you must teach your beloved pooch to eat food for adult dogs instead of puppy food. After 12 months, most pups can start with an adult-dog diet divided into two main meals during a day.

However, make sure to pay enough attention to the food amount. The meal size depends on how large your dog is their body type, as well as the nutritional requirements that a particular breed has. In case your dog skips a meal don’t worry since you maybe gave them too much food, so try to decrease the amount.

Quality Food and Supplements Are Crucial

Besides the needed food amount, you must consider the supplements that will ensure your pooch to grow healthy. Additional intake of minerals and vitamins is essential for every dog, and to find out which ones your pet needs, talk either to a retail seller or your vet since they have all the info for every type of dog.

Treats are always the right choice since they will help you train your pooch obedience while it’ll have an additional intake of necessary nutrients through the treats you give it. Because sometimes it is not possible for your new pet to meet all nutritional needs through food, supplementation is required. It contains an increased concentration of vitamins and minerals that provide firmer bones, great hair quality, better immunity, etc.

Canines also need a game for healthy development, provide them with enough firm, rubber toys. These could be balls, false bones, and anything small enough for their tiny mouths. Puppies generally like playthings that produce sound, but also robust to chewing.

Things Every Dog Lover Must Know

New pup parents must avoid overfeeding their new pets. If small pups overeat, that can cause adverse effects on their overall growth and health. And not to mention stomach issues. So you have to examine the chart of every food packaging before serving it to your tiny pet. When choosing the right food for your pups, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as their age, breed, activity levels, and medical history. Some pups may have allergic reactions to certain ingredients in dog food, so you may need to switch a few times before you find the perfect food for your pooch. Read this guide on dog nutrition so you know what to look for in a dog food. 

Make sure to talk to your vet before you decide the food amount, type, and brand. The only important thing you must remember is that the food you choose for your pet must contain all the necessary nutrients and the number of calories that they need during their growing phase of life.

No matter your dog is still a puppy, you should start with some essential training as soon as possible. According to petdogpals.com, potty training should be one of the first things your pooch should learn if you don’t want to find smelly gifts all over the house. For learning some more demanding skills, you should talk to a professional trainer.

If you’re getting a puppy, you must prepare yourself as well as your home for its arrival. The moment the new family member arrives at your home, all the others (especially kids) will be overwhelmed by the puppy. Knowing this would happen, it would be best if you prepared everything before the pooch arrives.  

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