Quitting Smoking -To Vape Or Not To Vape?

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If you’re a social drinker, and if you enjoy nothing more than a beer-garden puff on a cigarette, you may have already noticed a link between drinking and smoking. What you probably didn’t realise is that this link is well documented among the scientific community.

You see, the chemicals at work in an alcoholic drink have a strange effect on the brain’s appreciation of the flavours produced in your mouth by sucking on a lit cigarette – or any other form of tobacco delivery system for that matter, such as cigars or pipes. 

At its most basic level, the sum looks something like this: “alcohol + tobacco = yum yum, mmm-mmm, tasty”. And that’s not to say anything of the actual addictive nature of nicotine.  

So, step one in quitting smoking is to switch to water or juice for the 2-3 months required to kick the habit. After this stage, the nicotine cravings will have worn off and you can go back to whatever alcoholic tipple tickles your fancy. Just a thought. But what about vaping? – Click here to find out more.

Vaping can help you to say goodbye to tobacco

There are many reasons that vaping has become the number one alternative to smoking for people wishing to say goodbye to tobacco. 

Firstly, the chemicals in tobacco that are heavily linked to cancers and heart disease aren’t actually the addictive part. They are chemicals you can do without and you’d never miss them. The part your brain craves is nicotine. This is where vaping comes in. You can still get the nicotine without the tobacco. 

Of course, it’s your decision and you should always do your research on vaping, but it’s certainly one way to set off in search of a cigarette-free life. Be sure to find something that works for you and you can find lots of different products shopping at flawless vaporizers.

What about the cost? 

If you’ve seen people standing in doorways of bars and restaurants, surreptitiously producing from their pocket a space-age looking device and raising it to their lips before pulling a strange top-lip-over-bottom-lip face for about three seconds and then pocketing the item once more, you may have thought hmm, I wonder if vaping is more expensive or less expensive than smoking.

Even if you’re not a smoker, it’s something you may just want to know (try the cost calculator). The answer is that in comparison to the average yearly cost of smoking 20 cigarettes per day, a refillable vape from Mist Shop could save around … well, let’s work it out.

20-a-day smokers spend over £300 a month on cigarettes, which as a conservative estimate would mean a yearly spend of £3,600, whereas vaping costs around £40 a per month for refills, which gives a yearly total of £480, a saving of…


So. To vape or not to vape. That is the question. And by the looks of things, 20-a-day smokers have an obvious answer. 


Quitting Smoking -To Vape Or Not To Vape?

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