Reasons Why Hiking Is The Best Family Vacation Activity

Reasons Why Hiking Is The Best Family Vacation Activity

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Spending time with the family is the sure way to connect to them and create long-lasting memories. But, being outdoors is definitely the most beneficial way to be with your family while also breathing the fresh air and enjoying nature. So whether you opt for playing games or just having a picnic in the park, chances are that you’ll have an amazing time. Still, there is one family activity that often gets overlooked, and that’s hiking. 

Now, if you’re living in a large urban area, then going to a vacation is a perfect way to experience hiking in its full glory. In case you’ve never taken a hike, here are reasons why you should do it together with your family members.

1. It will help you appreciate nature

Kids these days are more glued to their phones and tablets, which is normal and expected but in order to help them grow into well-balanced and healthy adults, it’s important to show them the wonders of this world. Therefore, hiking is a great activity of choice, especially if your children are already physically active in their day-to-day life. And if they’re not, you can still take them hiking, just make sure to be patient and kind, so they’ll feel motivated to hike and learn more about their surroundings.

2. Hiking is great for boosting self-esteem

Living in the age of social media and constant overstimulation can make kids (and adults) feel inadequate and insecure, and being outdoors and overcoming challenges is a wonderful method of boosting self-confidence. Still, just in case, it’s better to opt for an easier hike, so everyone can accomplish it. Hiking will definitely help you and your family members feel great about yourselves. But, since not all people are equally fit, you should aim to opt for simple treks, especially in the beginning, unless your family members decide that a more difficult hike is a better choice for them. 

3. Being a regular hiker can do wonders for one’s health

It’s well-known that hiking can strengthen core muscles, mainly if walking a more challenging route that includes hills. Aside from that, hiking is excellent stress relief, which is what makes it an ideal family activity when vacationing. However, it’s important to mention that, even though being a hiker doesn’t require expensive equipment, you should make sure to wear thermal socks for hiking so your feet feel protected regardless of the weather. Keeping yourself and your family safe will help you relax while also reaping all the health benefits of this activity.

4. Going on a hike is a great bonding exercise

Being busy with work, school and social activities can create a distance between the family members, and that is completely understandable. That’s why taking a family vacation, and going on a hike can be a great bonding exercise. Spending time in nature, examining and observing the wildlife, and overcoming different routes will help family members collaborate and lean on one another. But, before you decide to go on a trip, it’s essential to have a family meeting, so you can be absolutely sure that everyone’s on board.


Even if you’re not a type who spends time outdoors, hiking will surely be a great way to reconnect with your family and improve your health. But, be sure to take things slowly, so nobody will get injured. If possible, ask a more experienced friend or a personal trainer to help you with relevant information, so both you and your family can have a wonderful time while hiking and enjoying time together. 


Reasons Why Hiking Is The Best Family Vacation Activity

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