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Revamp Your Garden This Winter

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It might not seem like the best time to get out in the garden, but winter could be the ideal season for giving your garden a makeover. You’ll have to wait until spring to get some things done, but there are plenty of ways to rethink your garden when the temperature is cooler. You can make your garden more suitable for use in winter or think about how to make it look a little brighter while it’s cold and dark outside. Just because it’s not time for a lot of plants to bloom and grow, it doesn’t mean your garden should look boring.

Plant Some Winter-friendly Plants

During the winter, some of your favourite plants might not look their best. Some of them might not even survive the winter. But even if it’s not spring, you can still have plants in your garden that help it to look lively and beautiful. Focus on using plants that will still thrive in winter, from evergreens to plants that are still happy to flower in the colder months. You can fill out your garden so that it doesn’t look so bare during the winter, whether you plant things in pots or perhaps directly into your borders.

Create a Warm Seating Space

A lot of people don’t use their garden much in the winter because they feel it’s too cold (and often too wet) to spend time outdoors. But if you create a warm seating space, you can make your garden a lot more enjoyable. One of the best garden accessories you can have in the winter is a fire pit. You can light a real fire and keep warm, possibly wrapped in blankets too if it’s cold enough. Some comfortable seating will help to complete your comfortable space. Of course, it’s important to supervise children around the fire.

Brighten Up with Lights

You don’t have to let darkness stop you from using your garden, either. If you want to ensure you can use it in the winter, lighting it up will make it more usable. Adding some lighting to your garden can be pretty easy. One of the simplest options is to add solar-powered lights that you can set to go on and off automatically. You won’t need to wire them in or plug them in, and you won’t even need to turn them on manually if you don’t want it. It can allow you to use your garden a lot more.

Plan for the Spring

Winter is often the best time to make plans for your garden. You might not be doing a lot of work on it, and you get the chance to really see the space that you’re working with. If you want to hire a landscaper to design a new garden for you, it can make it easier for them too. So why not start thinking about what you want to do with your garden when spring arrives?

Use the winter months to revamp your garden. You can design a great garden that you can use all year.

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