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Giveaway: Zzzopa Ball from Wicked Uncle

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No matter time of year it is, we’re always looking for really cool ideas for toys. This could be for a birthday present, Christmas or maybe even just something to do on the weekend. With the help of Wicked Uncle, today we’re bringing you a really cool giveaway to win a Zzzopa Ball.

You can find out more about it below.

Zzzopa – the world’s first bouncing ball with high speed spin technology. 

Each Zzzopa contains a high-quality bearing that sits on an axle within the centre of the 5cm ball. This means you can smoothly spin this star themed Zzzopa on your fingertips with speed, a spherical fidget spinner that’s perfect for restless hands! The outer poly-active surface allows for incredible crisp bounces, combine with different spins to bamboozle your friends with crazy tricks, spinning jumps and ricochets. The ultimate ball game of spin, bounce and throw – the new fidgety craze! 

Please Note: some ball tricks take practice – Ronaldo didn’t become good the day he was given a football!

Zzzopa Ball

Enter the giveaway:

Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond my control this giveaway has now ended.

Win a Zzzopa Ball from Wicked Uncle

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