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Revamping My Autumn Wardrobe With Simply Be

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Usually in Autumn I end up stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to clothes. It’s easy enough to stick on a pair of jeans and an old jumper but I’m trying to make a bit more of an effort with what I wear on a day to day basis. It was absolutely effortless to fall into a slump of wearing clothes that are neither flattering or even nice really and I’ve been feeling like the woman who can’t be bothered to make an effort recently. With that in mind, I have teamed up with Simply Be to revamp my Autumn wardrobe with items from their A/W 18 range.

While I am keen to get out of the basic jeans and t-shirt phase I seem to be stuck in, I can’t help but admit how comfortable a nice pair of jeggings are, especially when you’re running around after a toddler for most of the day. Something you might not know about Simply Be is that they offer a huge range of clothes from so many well-known brands as well as their own Simply Be label.

I didn’t actually know this until very recently but Simply Be offer Monsoon clothes up to a size 22 (check individual pieces). The Claudette Check Shirt (£39) is an easy way to dress up a pair of jeans and the colours really add something special to my wardrobe. This top is so easy and comfortable to wear and it’s great to know that it can be dressed up or down depending on when you want to wear it.

Monsoon Claudette Check Shirt

I am, on average, a size 22 and I sometimes find it really hard to find clothes that look flattering. It would be easy to say I don’t care what people think when they look at me but I care myself and I am quite self-conscious. My stomach isn’t rounded but instead, seems to be 2 separate sections and I hate how it looks in clingy tops so I’m forever covering up with a cardigan or jumper. However, the Joe Browns More Than A Basic Tunic (£35) has a wonderful pattern which helps me feel more at ease with these parts of my body and it fits me wonderfully. The cut and style is really flattering and it’s quickly become one of my favourites!

Joe Brown More Than A Basic Tunic

Something I always used to love about Autumn was being able to wear dresses, tights and boots. I don’t think I’ve really worn dresses for the past few years though as I guess it just didn’t seem practical because of Erin. Really, that’s a silly excuse though so I’m determined to go back to wearing things I love this year. While Simply Be offer clothes from various brands, the Simply Be range has some fantastic pieces at really reasonable prices.

Simply Be Long Sleeve Swing Dress

Long sleeved swing dresses offer a lovely, flattering fit and at only £15 each, I had to have 2! These dresses are really soft and comfortable and the length is pretty spot on for me and I’m 5’5″. The dress comes down to my knees so I feel safe knowing that I won’t end up flashing anyone accidentally. The dress comes in 2 very different colours and patterns but I like both of them equally. The black dress with pink flowers is quite different for me as it’s a bit brighter than something I would normally wear but I like that I’ve tried something new and actually liked it.

Simply Be Long Sleeve Swing Dress

Sometimes it can be difficult to shop online, especially if you’re plus size, as clothes can fit very differently to what they look like in a picture. Simply Be makes shopping for new clothes an absolute breeze as they offer size guides for each brand they sell. I’m already looking forward to getting a few more items to help my wardrobe for Winter! 


Revamping My Autumn Wardrobe With Simply Be

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