Destinations to consider for your 2022 holiday

Destinations to consider for your 2022 holiday

Our vacations can be so important to us. Whether that is going away as a family, a couple or an individual. Travelling is good for the soul. However, choosing where you next take a vacation can be a tricky decision to make. You may have a big long checklist of criteria, or you might just want something unusual or different. But get the decision wrong and you end up regretting it. So I thought now would be the perfect time to share with you some vacation destinations to consider this year. You never know, it may just inspire you.


I was raised in Mexico City, so, of course, I will always advocate that Mexico is a place to visit. It can per the perfect place to enjoy cocktails and white sandy beaches. Or marvel at the rich heritage and history. Mexico might seem like a luxurious location to consider but there are some great package deals that you can consider. Some of the resorts have so much to offer that you may not need to leave the hotel. The high season is anytime from December through to April.

The Caribbean

If you have never experienced any of the Caribbean Islands then maybe this year is a perfect time. With many to choose from the difficult decision will be which one first. Barbados offers glistening sandy beaches whereas Jamaica has a real relaxing vibe. It would be difficult not to fall in love with these islands. A Caribbean cruise could give you the opportunity to see some of the best places on offer.

A staycation in the UK

If you are looking for a more alternative holiday then why not consider a staycation in the UK. It may feel like you are not exploring too far away but there are so many beautiful locations in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales that you are bound to discover some incredible sites and locations. The history and sightseeing opportunities are fantastic. While you may not always get the perfect weather, you are bound to fall in love with greenery and countryside that we all call home. Just be prepared for rain.


If you fancy having a holiday of a lifetime then why not consider Australia. With many cosmopolitan cities to explore; a surfer’s paradise beach to escape to. It’s difficult to find a reason not to check out this vast country. Australia is bigger than you think. So you will never be able to explore everywhere, but it will offer a holiday to remember that is for sure.


Finally, why not consider visiting Canada for your next holiday? You could witness the wonder that is Niagara Falls or explore cities like Montreal or Vancouver. There is a lot to discover in Canada, more so than you thought. It is also a perfect s[opt for a skiing holiday during the winter months. This means it could be a destination you return to for years to come.

I hope this may have inspired you to pick your next vacation destination.


Destinations to consider for your 2022 holiday

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