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Just recently we were invited to attend the opening of a brand new experience at the London Sea Life Aquarium. I was gutted to not be able to attend but we planned a visit the next week when we were taking Erin to London for a few days. Erin had never been to a Sea Life Centre before and I couldn’t wait to see what she made of it. My sister and her fiance also came with us as they’d never been before either.

First Impressions

When you first enter Sea Life London there is a really big glass floor where you can look down at the sharks. Once Erin realised that there was something down there she was mesmerised. She pointed and giggled and placed herself perfectly in the middle of the floor and plonked her bum down. She was not going anywhere! It didn’t matter that other people wanted to look and walk past. Erin was there and she was there to stay.

It came to a point where we really had to move on. Moving Erin was not a fun job and she cried as soon as we picked her up to go to the next part. Luckily, she quickly realised that there was more fish to look at and she was happy again.

We went to Sea Life London at around 4pm on a Wednesday and it wasn’t too busy which was lovely. This meant that we were able to walk around without being too crowded and Erin was able to get up close to each tank if she wanted to without being pushed out of the way. I think things like this are so important with children Erin’s age. She’s only 16 months old and still finding her feet so she needs a bit of space to fall over sometimes!

We were all really impressed with all of the exhibits at Sea Life London. At some animal attractions you can sometimes feel like the enclosures/ tanks etc. aren’t big enough or good enough but that was not the case at all here. Everything is so spacious.

Ocean Invaders

The Ocean Invaders section was amazing! To enter you have to go through a doorway with cool holographic jellyfish. We were loved the entrance because it was so much fun. It was certainly different and it made us wonder what we was going to discover next!

The whole area is bright, colourful and perfect for children. Erin was amazed by the colours of the jellyfish.

I honestly didn’t realise there was so many different kinds of jellyfish. Ocean Invaders is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a very long time and it was quite magical. I don’t want to write too much about what you can learn in Ocean Invaders because there is so much! However,  I took loads of pictures to show you just how amazing this section is.

Once Erin found the moving attraction on the floor she was mesmerised once again. It was so hard to get her out of this part of Sea Life London. I think it was her favourite out of everything because there was so much going on and the colours were so amazing.

Our trip to Sea Life London was a definite highlight of this trip to London. Seeing my girl discover something for the first time and be so amazed by it was a very special thing and I have to thank 365 tickets for allowing us to have this memory.

A massive thank you to 365 tickets for inviting us to experience Ocean Invaders. I cannot recommend this enough! If you would like to visit yourselves, 365 tickets have some great offers on at the moment so be sure to check them out. 



16 thoughts on “Sea Life London Aquarium: Ocean Invaders”

  1. I haven’t been to the London Sea Life Aquarium for years. It looks like it has come on a long way since I was last there. I’ll have to take the boys soon, I think they would love it!

  2. Little loved the SEA LIFE centre at Chessington so I really want to take her to one of the larger aquariums. Our girls are at such a perfect age for it aren’t they?
    The new section looks mesmerising, I need to see it!

  3. We’ve recently been too. It’s lovely isn’t it. I loved the glass floor as you walk in and like you I hadn’t realised there were so many different types of jellyfish x

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