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Our Victorian semi is generally quite spacious. We have a lovely, big living room/ dining room with additional office space and 4 lovely sized bedrooms. The one room that is not at all like this though is our galley kitchen. We have very limited cupboard and counter space so every inch counts. I’ve recently been trying to declutter in an attempt to make the kitchen work better for us and Joseph Joseph helped us out!

The pictures you see below are how my sink area used to look. I didn’t think it would be fair to review something that I say is space saving without showing you the ‘before’. My sink area used to be horrendous. We had a horrible plastic drainer and the windowsill cluttered with cloths and washing up liquid. It looked awful.

In order to sort out some of our problems we chose the Y Rack drainer and the Caddy (Large). My two biggest issues were the mess of the windowsill and the draining issues. I don’t know about anyone else but I find these plastic drainer get grubby really quickly and also underneath them. This is what I wanted to stop.

First up is the Y-Rack, a self draining 2-tier dish rack. The Y-Rack has a non-slip base, self draining cutlery pot and higher tier draining rack.

The self draining system is fantastic. The cutlery pot, which clips onto the side of the rack, drains down into the base. The base then has a small hole in the bottom which drains out into the sink through a little tray.

The Y-Rack might be small but it has plenty of drying space. The top draining rack can hold up to 15 plates while there is ample space underneath for anything else. I think John and I were guilty of leaving the washing up too long before and ending up with a sink piled high. The Y-Rack encourages us to wash up more often and make the most out of this great space saving product.

The Y-Rack is can also be fully dismantled for easy cleaning!

Secondly we have the sink Caddy. This comes in different sizes but we have the large version. We used to have the washing up liquid bottle, sponges and cloths all over the place. They never dried out properly and I hated the mess of it. The Caddy has fixed our problems so easily!


The Caddy fits perfectly on our windowsill so it’s still out of the way but makes the most of the space. The Caddy has a large green base which has draining holes, somewhere to hang cloths and a large middle compartment for brushes and washing up liquid. Joseph Joseph have really thought of everything with this product.

Just like the Y-Rack, the Caddy can be taken apart from easy cleaning!

I really love that the products are colour coordinated. The white and green is fresh and clean but it also stands out for the right reasons in my kitchen. Joseph Joseph products are designed with space  and functionality in mind and the two are fused together perfectly!

With the help of these two products our kitchen is becoming less cluttered and nice to be in!




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  1. These look fabulous! We are just about to move to a bigger house but the kitchen is smaller and I’m wondering where I’m going to put everything. These would be perfect products. Also going to check out what else they might do that will help us save space in the kitchen.

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