Self-indulgence: Convert A Spare Room Into A Luxury Beauty Room

There is nothing more luxurious feeling than waking up in the morning and getting dressed in a beautifully designed beauty room. It’s like putting on armour for the day before you, it’s the luxury of taking couple minutes for yourself without the little ones or your partner. Making the beauty room your own means that can be your ultimate relaxation space – your personal sanctuary of sorts.

It can be a space for all things your favourite

This is the one space in your house, where everything should be to your taste. The theme you’ll choose for your room will depend on your personal taste. For a traditionally luxurious feeling beauty room, you can select light colours with metallic accents such as silver, golds, brass or rose gold. For more avant-garde and modern feel, choose futuristic accessorise and bright colours. If you’re an avid travel photographer, display your favourite photographs for daily inspiration.

Choose both functional and beautiful furniture

Your beauty room should be a place of function but also style and aesthetically pleasing. You deserve a beauty room that’s Pinterest-able!

It also could serve multiple purposes – remember this is your space! If you’re an avid reader, why not add a corner with a beautiful oak bookshelf and a Chesterfield sofa for those few quiet moments you get? Or maybe you’ve for years neglected your painting skills? Why not create a small painting corner with a few shelves for your supplies and an easel?

The options are endless and should be personalised for you!

Make the storage solutions part of the design

When choosing a storage solution for your clothes, shoes and other knick-knacks that you want to be storing in your beauty room, make the decision wisely. Design the sliding doors as a full-length mirror for all your beauty needs. Opt for a wall high fitted wardrobes Newcastle designed by Bespoke Interiors! If you’re a shoe collector, choose open shelving so you can display all your beautiful shoes for pops of colour. Your shoes could be part of the design! Switch up your display based on the mood that you’re after in your room either seasonally or whenever you feel like changing up the flashes of colour.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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