Staying Safe This Summer With Milton

When the weather gets nicer it means spending more time outdoors as a family and getting out and about for some fun. The problem with this though is that you still want things to stay clean and sanitised where possible. You may have heard of Milton because they’re really well known for products to sterilise baby bottles and soothers. What you may not know is that they also do a range of products focusing on hygiene.

Erin’s favourite thing to do right now is to play in the garden. We have quite a few toys out there as well as a tuff tray and our rabbits. All of these things, including a very inquisitive toddler can lead to muddy and mucky fun.

Something that I think about quite often is the toys that get left out in the garden, no matter the weather. Erin’s slide, water/ sand table and footballs are left out in the rain and the sun. Rain and muck flying around in the air can cause these kinds of toys to get grubby quite quickly. Erin is a terror for putting anything in her mouth so I need to make sure these toys are as clean as possible. Milton’s 3 in 1 Antibacterial Spray is perfect for cleaning outdoor toys. The spray is bleach and alcohol-free so it’s super safe to use. A quick spray and a wipe over quickly puts my mind at ease.

Another thing that I’m pretty conscious about is where we go for lunch sometimes. Restaurants and cafes get extremely busy this time of year and as someone who has worked in this kind of industry, I can tell you that cleaning can sometimes not be done as well as it should be.

With Erin being 19 months old, she still needs to sit in a high chair, even though she doesn’t like it one little bit. I have been to so many places where the high chairs have food dried on to them, sauce stuck on to the straps… just to name a few things. I don’t really want Erin sitting and eating in something like this so I tend to clean them myself first. Milton’s Antibacterial Surface Wipes are perfect for popping in the changing bag so I have them on hand for this kind of occasion.

No matter what you’re doing though, it is always a good idea to have a bottle of Antibacterial Hand Gel close by. Toddlers and any other children can get in to all kinds of mess and these lovely handy bottles are easy to carry around and fit in a handbag or changing bag without taking up a lot of space.

Milton’s products are making our summer much more fun because we’re not having to worry about staying safe and clean!

Disclaimer: We were sent items for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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