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The Simba Hybrid Mattress – Is it any good for kids?

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It’s so important that children get a good night’s sleep. One thing that can really help with that is bedroom furniture, especially the bed and mattress. Erin has needed a new mattress for some time now and we recently upgraded to a Simba Hybrid Mattress. Read on to determine whether they’re a good choice for children. 

A mattress in a box?

It’s been a while since we last bought a new mattress and then, it delivered ready to put straight on a bed. These days, mattresses come delivered vacuum-sealed and in a box! This is exactly how you can expect your new Simba mattress to be delivered. Simba offers free delivery with a purchase of their mattresses so you don’t need to worry about additional costs on top. 

Simba mattress box next to a child's bed

Mattress Recycling service

When purchasing a new mattress, one worry can be what to do with the old mattress. With Simba, you can purchase their mattress recycling service. This can either be purchased as a stand-alone option or as an extra when buying a new mattress. It’s great to have the option as a lot of people might not have the ability to do this themselves. 

Unpacking your new mattress

The box the mattress comes delivered in is quite large and as I’m sure you can imagine, quite heavy. We found it fairly easy to get the mattress out of the box but you might need a little bit of space for this. Once out of the box, the mattress is covered in plastic as it’s been vacuum-packed. Cut this carefully to be sure that you don’t damage your new mattress. Unpacking the mattress only takes a couple of minutes.

Simba Hybrid Mattress in vacuum-sealed packaging

Once the plastic has been removed, the mattress will roll out and ‘puff up’. It’s recommended that you leave the mattress for 3-6 hours before sleeping on it. You can see from the image below, that after unpacking the mattress, it isn’t quite plump enough in all of the right places.

Unpacked Simba Hybrid Mattress

What’s special about Simba Hybrid Mattresses?

Like all Simba mattresses, the Simba Hybrid Mattress is made with sleep in mind. This mattress has 2000 conical pocket springs, zoned for optimum pressure relief and contoured support, as well as being able to push fresh, cooling air through the mattress. Being made from Simbatex foam, the Simba Hybrid Mattress allows airflow through the mattress. It’s easy to get too hot at night but the temperature control helps you to get a better quality of sleep. 

Simba mattresses are made up from a variety of different zones. There’s a mix of distinct layers, ranging from comfort layers to a breathable sleep surface as well as responsive memory foam. 

  • Soft breathable cover
  • Cooling Simbatex foam layer
  • Supportive Aerocoil springs
  • Stabilising core foam layer
  • SupportCore sprung base
  • CertiPUR foam base

Mattresses come with a removable cover, meaning the upper layers are protected. The outer cover can even be machine-washed, meaning you can look after your mattress for longer. When you have children, this is a really important feature. You can also buy replacement covers which I think is such a good idea. 

Close up of the top of a Simba Hybrid Mattress

What mattresses can you buy?

Simba have a range of different mattresses to suit different needs. 

  • Simba Hybrid Essentials 
  • Simba Hybrid Original
  • Simba Hybrid Pro
  • Simba Hybrid Luxe
  • Simba Hybrid Ultra 
  • Children’s mattresses

Simba have a really great range of mattress sizes to choose from. This goes all the way from children’s mattresses to a king size mattress as well as EU sizes. 

  • Single
  • Small double 
  • Double
  • King 
  • Super King
  • EU single
  • EU double
  • EU king
Simba tag on the Simba Hybrid Mattress single bed

200 nights Simba Sleep Trial

Simba mattresses are not cheap and spending that much money on something can be a bit of a worry. Simba offers a 200 nights Simba sleep trial and if you’re not happy in that period of time, you can get a full refund and get the mattress picked up free of charge. 

Wide shot of child sitting on a single Simba Hybrid Mattress

Is the Simba Hybrid Mattress good for kids?

Let me start by saying that Simba do actually sell mattresses designed especially for children. We didn’t feel that Erin needed a child’s mattress and that a regular mattress would be fine for her. A children’s mattress might be a good option for you though, depending on the age of your child and what you are looking for. 

Erin is a bit of a restless sleeper usually, meaning that she tosses and turns a lot during the night. I wanted to make sure she had a mattress that would be suitable for her because of this. Due to the way that Simba mattresses are constructed, they are suitable for front sleepers, back sleepers and side sleepers. This means that no matter which way Erin decides to sleep on any particular day, the mattress will offer excellent support. From the very first night Erin slept on her new mattress, I could tell that her sleep quality had improved. The mattress is made for optimum comfort and you can really tell. Erin has a much more restful sleep now in comparison to sleeping on her old mattress. 

Simba mattresses do come with a premium price tag however, I really feel like it’s worth paying. Erin’s been sleeping so well since we replaced her old mattress with a Simba Hybrid Mattress. Sometimes, I’m tempted to sleep on her bed now though because it’s so much more comfortable than ours! 

Erin sat on her new Simba Hybrid Mattress

Available accessories

To further your Simba experience, there is also a range of accessories that go well with the Simba Hybrid Mattress. You might want to consider a mattress topper, Simba pillow or duvet to help you get the perfect night’s sleep. 

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