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Erin and I LOVE swimming. We’re lucky that with her new swimming lessons she gets a free membership which means she can swim as much as she likes during public sessions. Sometimes between me and John, we can take Erin swimming 3-4 times a week. Drying our costumes and towels is time consuming and not always possible in time for swimming the next day. Luckily, we were able to order some new swimwear from Simply Swim recently!

Picking your new swimwear and ordering is really nice and easy with Simply Swim. The website is laid out really well, with categories along the top of the website. I could navigate easily between women’s and children’s swimwear and I could also choose to look at specific brands instead. I loved how easy it was to find what I wanted.

I chose two very different items for Erin. The first is the Splash About UV All In One (Apple Daisy). We have has Splash About products in the past for Erin and I’ve always been impressed with the quality. We got this in size 12-24m which cost £22.99. Erin is 14 months old now and it fits really well. However, there is still plenty of room for growth.

The second swimming costume I got for Erin was the   Splash About Tots Girls Swimming Costume (Tutti Frutti). We’re going to Centre Parcs on holiday in October where the pool is a bit warmer than what we’re used to. I wanted something for Erin that didn’t have quite as much coverage as what she’s used to and a bit more fun for while we’re away! I love the cute design and that it kind of matches the other costume! This was only £8.99 in the sale! For Disney fans, Lilo and Stitch swimming costumes would be great as well.

For me I went for something quite plain! I wanted something simple that didn’t stand out a lot. My other swimming costume is navy with white spots and shows a fair amount of cleavage so I wanted something that covered me up more.

The Zoggs Coogee Sonicback costs £17. Unfortunately, I don’t love my own costume as much as I love Erin’s. However, this is no fault of Zoggs or Simply Swim. My other costume has a lot of support around the bust but this one doesn’t. Although the fit is lovely, there is really no proper support in the bust area and somehow, it makes my boobs look small and flat. They’re not at all! Before getting in the pool for the first time I felt really self-conscious. Luckily, the costume wears really well and is better in the water than I imagined.

Even though my own costume is not exactly what I would have picked in a shop, I do like wearing it. It dries a lot faster than my other costume and it’s comfortable to wear.

I really enjoyed my experience of shopping on the Simply Swim website. There is so much choice for everyone and loads of designs too. I’ll definitely be ordering again when we need something new!

Disclaimer: We received items from for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.




9 thoughts on “Simply Swim Review”

  1. These both look really good – it’s so reassuring using the all-in-ones with babies because you can rest assure they’re warm/protected 🙂

    Helen x

  2. Love the costumes you chose for Erin, they would be great for the beach. My son has just started swimming lessons with school, and I’d love to take him outside of school but I don’t have a swimming costume, so I’ll have a look here. Thanks!

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