Small Bathroom Solutions To Make You Smile

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Just because you have a small bathroom, doesn’t mean you have to think small during the design process. That’s why we’ve brought you some small bathroom solutions that are bound to make you smile. Incorporating these things will help you to ensure you’ve got a practical bathroom that you’re making the most of.

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Floating Furniture

Floating furniture in the bathroom isn’t a magic trick. It’s a simple illusion that can make your bathroom look like it has a ton of space more than it really does. Choose your furniture carefully. Furniture that is mounted on the wall and does not reach the floor is classed as ‘floating’ and helps the bathroom to appear larger, as it looks like there is more floor space. It’s unlikely that the space is usable, but being able to see it makes all the difference. Having similarly sized furniture that has legs will make the room look smaller. It’s all about tricking the eye.

Consider A Shower Enclosure

Looking at shower enclosures should help you to see just how much space they can save in your bathroom. As they are in the corner of the room, you should find you have more floor space to make the most of, rather than feeling cramped in a tiny room. Regular baths and showers can make small bathrooms feel overwhelming, and there’s barely any room to sit on the toilet!

Add A Huge Mirror

Huge mirrors help to add to that big bathroom illusion. If you can fill your largest wall with a mirror, it will help to reflect space and light and you’ll be well on your way to creating a bathroom that looks twice as big.

Let In Lots Of Natural Light

The more light you can let into your bathroom, the better. If you need curtains or blinds for privacy, ensure they are suited to small spaces. For example, make sure they can be opened when you need them to be, and perhaps look into sheer options to stop blocking the light out completely. You can look into lighting options that mimic natural light, but as this is your bathroom, you need a handful of different lighting options to suit your mood.

Use A Large Scale Pattern

Using a large scale pattern in the bathroom actually helps the room to appear larger, rather than smaller. Many people make the mistake of believing that the bathroom will be overwhelmed with a large scale pattern, but that’s not how the illusion works. You could use one in the form of wallpaper, a shower curtain, or in any other way you choose. Remember about the importance of proper humidity in the bathroom to prevent mold growth. Check out this guide from the unclutterer on the best dehumidifiers that will help you to choose the perfect one for your bathroom.​ For smaller bathrooms, consider getting a Sanicompact toilet because it is efficient and it saves space. With all the things you have to consider when building a new bathroom, you won’t have to worry about this particular toilet because it has its own built-in macerator, which makes it easy to connect to the wastewater network.

Try out these small bathroom solutions ASAP and you should find that they help your bathroom to look much larger. You won’t physically be able to create more space unless you have a new bathroom built by professionals, but these tips will help you to get a bigger look while saving money and avoiding too much disruption to your home.

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