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So Many Shoes. Which Is The Right Kind For You?

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The selection of shoes available out there is really quite overwhelming. To further break this down into a job for every shoe is positively intimidating! But think about it – if you are ready to make the investment, you might as well spend your money on shoes that do the right job for what you require.

Do you know your running shoes from your walking shoes from your hiking boots? With just a little bit of coaching, you will be able to pick the right shoe for the right activity without even breaking a sweat!
Speaking of sweating – you have probably at some point in your life considered using the same shoes for both running and walking. Do you perhaps remember feeling some discomfort in your feet and lower back after partaking in one of the two activities? That is most likely because you did not use the right shoe for the right activity, thereby affecting your alignment and posture.

Correct Support for Your Feet

Certain jobs or hobbies mean that people might spend a lot of time standing upright. Attempting this without the correct support for your feet, could lead to aches and pains, both in your feet and back. To prevent this from happening, invest in a decent walking shoe with sufficient cushioning to support your feet and arches, but sturdy enough to give your heels and ankles the support they would need over a long time spent on your feet.

Not All Shoes Are the Same

Your first point of order would be to accept that not all shoes are the same. The manufacturing quality of certain shoes will differ, depending on where you look. This is why it is important to always test your shoes first, before spending money on them!

Durability is another major factor to consider when you want to buy new shoes. Some shoes might be physically thinner than others but could be of a higher quality – a cheap Nike shoe could be the perfect shape for your feet! On the flip side, other shoes might seem sturdier, but could be lacking in workmanship and could be of an inferior quality!
Make sure that you manipulate and handle the shoes while you are still in the store, so that you can assess their structure, craftsmanship, and weight. This will help you to pick the right shoe more effectively for your purpose. You want them to be tough enough for strenuous activities, light enough for speed, but always remember to ensure that your arches are well supported.

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What the shoes are made of ?

The material that a shoe is made from also affects its inherent capability. Leather is known for its strength and sturdiness, and is a popular manufacturing choice for both hiking shoes and running shoes. These might be made with or without the inclusion of suede, which is a slightly cheaper alternative to leather.
Removable insoles are a surprise inclusion on the list of to-dos for getting the perfect pair of shoes. You will be surprised what a difference it makes to be able to swap out the standard issue insoles and exchange them for orthopedic ones for amazing extra comfort.


So Many Shoes. Which Is The Right Kind For You?

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