Starting the day with Kangaroo Beach on Milkshake!

Starting the day with Kangaroo Beach on Milkshake!

With the school holidays starting next week we’re really looking forward to some lazy mornings, chilling until we feel like getting ready for the day. We’re looking forward to watching the brand new Kangaroo Beach on Milkshake, which is on weekdays at 7:35 am!

Kangaroo Beach on Milkshake

Kangaroo Beach is quite a new show to us and although we haven’t been watching it for very long, it’s quickly become a favourite with Erin wanting to watch it every morning. As we’re well into summer now a lot of us are spending a lot more time at the beach and it’s so important to learn about beach safety. Children definitely learn from the things they watch on TV so Kangaroo Beach is perfect for this. Find out more about the show below.

Dive into the wonderful world of Kangaroo Beach – the super-cute, preschool series that follows the adventures of four young animal friends, sharing an action-packed summer of surf, sand and sun. Every day on Kangaroo Beach is filled with action-packed fun, offering kids an exciting mix of edge-of-your-seat rescues and a loveable cast of characters. Join Joey Pounce, Gemma the Platypus, Neville the Wombat and Frizzy the Koala, as they train to become junior cadets with their lifeguarding heroes – Bondi, Sandy and Big Trev.

Kangaroo Beach is designed to be not only hugely entertaining but also educational, with important messaging around water safety. The hope is that young children will be inspired to think first and inform themselves before they hop into the water – and once they do jump in, to have the time of their lives!

The Kangaroo Beach range from Smiggle

Not only can you watch episodes of Kangaroo Beach on weekdays on Milkshake but now Smiggle have a super cool range of themed products!

Kangaroo Beach range from Smiggle

What I really love about this range is that there are things of varying price points. Of course, items such as the backpack or the lunch box are going to be more expensive but other items like the snapband are things that children might be able to afford themselves if they get pocket money etc.

Kangaroo Beach pencil case with Erin drawing

There’s something about pencil cases; kids seem to really love them no matter how many they already have. The Kangaroo Beach pencil case is a great size for taking out and about with you and you’re not likely to lose it due to the wonderful bright blue colour. Erin loves to draw so this pencil case is perfect when she wants to copy the Kangaroo Beach characters.

Erin wearing the Kangaroo Beach backpack

This summer we have plenty of adventures planned, and there will definitely be some beach trips in there. What better to pack your beach things in than in the Gemma backpack. The bag has two zipped compartments as well as two mesh pockets for drinks, making sure your children can take plenty of drinks with them to keep them hydrated.

Erin using the Kangaroo Beach lunchbox

Going on beach adventures is hungry work so the double decker lunchbox is ideal to take to the beach… or to have lunch in the living room. There are two insulated zip compartments that can be wiped clean and they’ll be great for helping to keep lunch nice and cool. The carry strap makes it easy for children to carry this around on their own, which means one less job for you!

Smiggle’s Kangaroo Beach range is so much fun and really fits the TV show well. Fans will have plenty to choose from and I know Erin will be getting loads of use out of the bits she has now.

Shop the Kangaroo Beach range at Smiggle!


Starting the day with Kangaroo Beach on Milkshake!

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