Summer Holiday Bucket List Update

With this summer being my first real summer holidays with Erin I wanted to try to make the most of it. Sometimes, unless you have some kind of plan in place I think you can find yourself doing the same old thing a lot or staying at home when you could be out doing something fun and exciting. Personally, I need a bit of inspiration or ideas for things to do so I thought a summer bucket list would be a good idea.

When I came up with the bucket list I wanted to make sure that most things would be achievable and also that I wouldn’t beat myself up about it if we didn’t get everything finished. Instead of the bucket list being about having to do absolutely everything I wanted to be able to pick and choose as we fancied and to fit things in with other things we had planned already. So, now that summer is over I wanted to do a quick post to show what we managed to get done on the bucket list and what we didn’t.

Summer holiday bucket list 2019

As you can see, we didn’t get everything done but I’m pretty happy with what we did do. We ended up being far busier than I’d expected this summer and while we were out in Norwich we just didn’t have the time to get to the library which was a shame. The same goes for Amazona Zoo. Our days were quite filled up and by the last week of the holidays, we were all exhausted and wanted a bit of quieter time at home.

I’m really glad that we managed to take Erin bowling for the first time, have a takeaway and see her cousins a couple of times of the summer. Some of the things we did get finished were so much fun, like going to Cromer beach so I’m glad we did those other some other things.

I think I’ll definitely make a bucket list again next summer as it’s been fun seeing what we could do. Next year though I think I’ll get Erin a bit more involved and ask her if there’s anything in particular she might want to do. No doubt she’ll ask for a holiday but luckily we already have a short glamping break booked for August.

Do you do a summer holiday bucket list? If so, what do you have on it?


Summer Holiday Bucket List Update

10 thoughts on “Summer Holiday Bucket List Update”

  1. It looks like you ticked off lots and ad a great summer. Wed didn’t do nearly as much as I planned to but I did take on a lot of extra work. I will have to save some of my list for Autumn!

  2. Looks like you managed to do quite a lot over the holidays. I didn’t get to do half of what I wanted, due to decorating and work. But there will always be time!

  3. That’s a great idea to cover yourself for the summer. We had two trips planned for during the time our son was off from preschool and while one wasn’t the one we had expected our second was great and really filled in the time. I’m already starting to think about next summer like you.

  4. I did a bucket list last year with the boys and I really wish we had made one this year too! We did a lot but its always lovely ticking things off and finding out from the kids what they really want to do over the holidays, next year I will have to write one again! x

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