Summer Infant Sure Sight 2.0 Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

Summer Infant Sure Sight 2.0 Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

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When I was pregnant and shopping for everything baby related for some reason I wasn’t overly bothered about having a video monitor. Instead, I went for a simple monitor with a sensor pad which never got used because Erin was in with us for a very long time and we co-slept for a long time as well. However, since Erin went in her big bed, I have desperately wanted a video monitor to be able to see what she’s up to. Recently we got the Summer Infant Sure Sight 2.0 Digital Video Baby Monitor.

Inside the box you’ll find the camera, monitor, plugs with additional European adapters, cable clips and a screw for fixing the camera to the wall if you want to. As first impressions go, I was pretty impressed. Not only were the cable clips a fantastic idea and super easy to use but both plugs have pictures on of which unit they are paired with, which saves things getting mixed up and confused. Simple things like this really make me love a product, rather than just like it.

Before you can set up the camera and the monitor you first need to charge the monitor for at least 7 hours. After this, set up is super easy and only took me about 5 minutes, if that! All you need to do is plug in the camera and position it where you would like it in the child’s room. The instructions suggest 1 meter away from the child’s bed or cot but due to how Erin’s room is set up, I’d say we have ours at least 2 meters away. As soon as I turned on the monitor it picked up the camera when I went into the same room and the picture was very clear.

This system can have a total of 4 camera and pairing a new camera with the monitor also only takes a few seconds. If you have multiple camera, the monitor switches between camera every 8 seconds so you are always getting an accurate view of what is happening.

Something that surprised me with this video baby monitor was just how good the microphone is. Like I said, our camera is at least 2 meters away from where Erin sleeps and we can actually hear her breathing while she’s asleep over the monitor. I was pretty amazed at how clear the sound was. Our old monitor was no way near as good as this.

Erin someone really cries loudly in her sleep but doesn’t move one little bit and before, we were having to go into her room every single time. Obviously, our sleep was being disrupted a lot as well as hers and that’s not good for anyone. The Summer Infant Sure Sight 2.0 Digital Video Baby Monitor allows us to see when Erin is okay and when she isn’t, rather than just going off the sound we can hear from her bedroom. If we’re not sure, the monitor has a zoom function so we can really make sure Erin is okay!

Retailing at £79.99, the Summer Infant Sure Sight 2.0 Digital Video Baby Monitor is actually about the same price of the monitor I bought originally and I wish I’d had this from the very beginning instead.

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