Make The Most Of Bedtime

Did you know that March is National Sleep Month? I didn’t until recently but as a busy parent who doesn’t always sleep very well or very much, I’m really glad that Feather and Down sent us some products to help! I used to be a real night owl and would very rarely be in bed before midnight, if not later. I have been so used to working strange hours that I always used to need a good couple of hours to unwind before going to bed. Now that I am self-employed and work from home I do manage to have an earlier

How To Cope When Your Toddler Stops Napping

I think the time is coming that I have always dreaded. I think the time has come for Erin to stop napping! I have always stuck by the saying ‘sleep when they do’ and I don’t care that Erin is 2 years old now! Being a parent is bloody exhausting and if you can grab 10 minutes, half an hour or 3 hours, do it when you can! So, how do you cope when your toddler stops napping? Erin has always slept a lot from the day she was born. I’m adamant that this is something that came from being

Erin Turns 2!

So today Erin turns 2. I’m not sure where the past 2 years have gone but it went in the blink of an eye! Erin starts nursery in a couple of days and I’m willing time to slow down a bit because it is going far too fast. Today we are spending Erin’s birthday as a family and having a pretty chilled out day at home. There will be cake, presents and anything else Erin might want to do! With Erin now being 2, I think my updates about her may happen a little less often but for now, here

Erin’s 23 Month Update!

Well, it’s nearly December and that means Erin is coming up to being 23 months old. Her 2nd birthday is just around the corner and I can’t believe how quick that time has gone. November has flown by and with that, Erin has changed quite a lot! Sleep Since we came back from Center Parcs last month John and I have made a real effort to stick to the same routine when it comes to bed time and nap time. We have really been trying to let Erin get herself off to sleep while drinking her milk instead of us

Erin’s 22 Month Update!

So, it’s 1st November tomorrow and that means Erin is now 22 months old. The last month absolutely flew by and I feel like I blinked and missed a whole lot of it. We had a great holiday in Center Parcs and it was so good to see Erin running around and really having fun the whole time. She loved it there just as much as we did. Here’s what has been going on with Erin over the last month. Sleep I think we have finally got Erin into a really good sleeping routine. Sometimes it has been hard to

Summer Infant Sure Sight 2.0 Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

When I was pregnant and shopping for everything baby related for some reason I wasn’t overly bothered about having a video monitor. Instead, I went for a simple monitor with a sensor pad which never got used because Erin was in with us for a very long time and we co-slept for a long time as well. However, since Erin went in her big bed, I have desperately wanted a video monitor to be able to see what she’s up to. Recently we got the Summer Infant Sure Sight 2.0 Digital Video Baby Monitor. Inside the box you’ll find the camera,

Erin’s 21 Month Update!

21 months old! Where has that time gone? I can’t believe my little girl is going to be 2 in a few very short months. It will be here before I know it and that also means the start of nursery for her. It still amazes me how far this little girls comes every single months. I was sure that by this age, I would notice things less and less and new things would happen less often but that’s just not true. So, here’s how Erin has been getting on over the past month: Movement This month Erin has been

Erin’s 20 Month Update!

It has been so long since I did an update about Erin. I guess time got away from us but there is so much to say now! Erin is now 20 months old and my god she is growing up quickly. Here is her 20 month update. Erin is becoming more and more of her own person each day and her personality shines through. She is such a cheeky little bugger and she knows it. Erin is also becoming more and more affectionate each day. I can ask her for a hug or a kiss and she knows what I’m