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Supporting Your Child Through The Exam Period

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At any age in our lives we have stressful periods where we have to endure a number of exams and assessments, and our children will be having regular exam anxiety the older they get. Parents should therefore be on hand to guide their child through the toughest times so that they can bounce back, work hard and achieve greatness.

Here are some top tips to give your child as much support and guidance as a parent can, from this college in Hampshire.

Adopting a regular study plan

If children already have a solid schedule of completing their homework on time and studying for any mock exams, then the hard work has already been done. Children are used to spending time after school studying in short bursts – this can now change to revision aids and self-testing.

Revision will require much longer bouts of study time, so ensure that your child takes regular breaks in between sessions so they’re not burnt out. During this time they’ll also be used to not having many distractions around them – remove the use of their phones or other devices while they study.

Provide a quiet space for them to work

Each child is different, but what is universal is that revision should be done in a quiet space that’ll allow them to focus with minimal distractions to ensure that they can remember what they’re learning. Some children like to work with music in the background to keep them focused, and others need to have all distractions removed, everybody is different so work with your child to see what works best for them.

A child’s working environment is also crucial to their success. Make sure their workspace has good lighting, they have a well-supported chair to work from and that they have all the materials they need in place.

Adopt a regular sleeping pattern

Some children can be very worried about their future, their grades and comparing themselves to others, meaning they may not get a full night’s sleep from the stress. Talk to your child often about their thoughts and feelings and ask if there’s anything you can do to help them along the way.

A huge portion of a child’s worries can be remedied by a regular sleeping pattern. Make it clear that they can’t study after a certain point in the day and stress the need for long breaks each day. A part of memorising and studying can be significantly improved when you’re in the right headspace and have a refreshed brain.

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