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A surprise baby shower with Party Bags and Supplies

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Most Tuesdays I go out with a group of friends and our children. We’d been going to baby yoga together since Erin was about 9 or 10 weeks old so I’ve known them a long time now! One particular friend is due with her second baby in May so I decided to throw her a little surprise baby shower. Party Bags and Supplies helped us out with some wonderful ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ decorations.

I decided to book afternoon tea for the baby shower because my friend and her daughter love it. Also, 2 of our friends had never been before. Shocking, I know!! That needed to be fixed. I have a particular favourite place for afternoon tea which is at St. Giles House Hotel in Norwich. I booked in advance, letting them know there would be 5 adults and 5 children and they were more than happy to cater for the children too, as well as 2 people who needed vegetarian and dairy free food.

Party Bags and Supplies Guess How Much I Love You

Everything you can see in the pictures above cost less than Β£30, which is amazing value for money. This is what we ordered:

8 plates

8 bowls

16 napkins


Scratch and match game cards

Congratulations card

Cake decorations x2

Table confetti

I headed to the venue a little bit early to set up the table and I was really impressed with how everything looked. The only minor niggle was with the bunting. I hadn’t opened the packaging before I got to the hotel so didn’t realise the ribbon wasn’t pulled through the holes! Luckily there was enough time to do this otherwise I may have had to not use it.

St. Giles House Hotel

St. Giles House Hotel

As I’m sure you can imagine, afternoon tea with 5 toddlers was not all smooth sailing. I turned my back for literally 1 second and Erin swooped a cup off of the table. Yes, it smashed! This hotel is quite upmarket and I was so embarrassed. Luckily, the staff are fantastic and didn’t seem to mind too much.

After the cup incident we quickly swapped all of the china for the plates from Party Bags and Supplies. This was so much safer!

St. Giles House Hotel

Our afternoon tea was absolutely delicious. There was far too much though and most of us ended up taking some home in boxes. As you can see from the above picture, Erin really enjoyed the chocolate brownies!

The gorgeous products from Party Bags and Supplies really made this baby shower that little bit more special. Everything was such good quality; the plates especially because they withstood a lot of toddler chewing!

Have you ever thrown a baby shower before? What do you think of the decorations?

8 thoughts on “A surprise baby shower with Party Bags and Supplies”

  1. I love the decorations and it was worth spending a few minutes with the bunting as it really finishes it all off. The afternoon tea idea is perfect, it is exactly what I would want.

  2. I love having afternoon tea and this one looks delicious. Erin looks like she had a wonderful time!

  3. I love the decorations, we have the book at home and I never knew they did decorations. The food looks great and Erin is the cutest x

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