Surprising Superfoods to Improve Your Overall Wellness

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The term “superfood” generally applies to those food items that are incredibly nutrient-dense, so much so that consuming them even in smaller amounts can lead to fantastic health benefits. There is some debate surrounding how many superfoods are worthy of the name as the label has been applied to foods that aren’t particularly rich in nutrients.

That being said, there are some foods that you might be surprised to learn are true superfoods. Consider adding these foods to your regular diet to reap some serious health benefits and improve your overall wellness.


Quinoa is a seed that has become one of the most popular health foods around. It is considered to be a superfood because it contains such nutrients as protein, fibre, and magnesium, among others. While it is technically classed as a cereal grain, this seed has various culinary applications. 

It can be eaten on its own as an alternative to a less nutritious and carb-dense side dish, or it can be used as an ingredient in salad or soup recipes. This versatile grain has numerous health benefits, including:

  • Assisting with blood sugar control
  • Aiding in weight loss
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Reducing inflammation

If you want to incorporate quinoa into your diet, there are countless quick and straightforward recipes to choose from.


Hemp is becoming increasingly popular as a superfood that can be easily added to multiple dishes to boost their nutrient density. The critical thing for naysayers to understand that hemp is different from marijuana in that it doesn’t contain enough THC to produce mind-altering effects when consumed. Instead, this potent seed is rich in protein, fibre, and fatty acids, as well as several essential vitamins and minerals.

While most superfoods tend to be more on the pricey side, you can purchase bulk cbd hemp seeds for use in many different recipes. They add a great crunch to any salad, or you can use them as an additive to any smoothie recipe. 

Olive Oil

If you are one of those people who are under the impression that all fats are bad for you, it’s time to think again. There are certain kinds of fats that your body needs to remain in a healthy condition. Most of your daily fat intake should be in the form of unsaturated fats, although saturated fats aren’t as bad for you as they were once thought to be. 

Olive oil is an excellent source of unsaturated fat that can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it for cooking and baking with as it stands up exceptionally well to high heat or as a base for a salad dressing or meat marinade. 

The health benefits of this superfood have been known for centuries. It can help reduce inflammation and even help to prevent some serious illnesses. Olive oil also has some topical applications as its oily nature can help to improve the quality of your skin, especially if you suffer from dryness.

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