3 Ways To Modernise An Old House

When we bought our house we knew that it needed a lot doing to it. We probably didn’t really anticipate just how much work needed doing to a house built in 1900 where the previous owners hadn’t looked after it very well at all. When I say they didn’t look after it very well I’m talking painting absolutely everything including light switches in white emulsion, sanding the hand painted pattern on an original wooden floor and generally not updating anything at all. Adding A Bathroom Now that we are a family of three we could

What Your Shower Curtain Says About You

AD | Collaborative post Your bathroom may be one of the most private rooms in your house, but sooner or later your friends are going to be in there for one reason or another, and the last thing you want is them getting the wrong impression about you or your family home. One way to tell a lot about a person? Their shower curtain, believe it or not. But what does your shower curtain say about you? A plain shower curtain, or one with a slight amount of patterning, works best as part of a