Non-Wired Bras Aren’t Just For Small Boobs

For as long as I can remember, probably since I even started wearing a bra, they have been underwired. I’ve always been on the larger side, both in the body and the busy, so I think it was just the ‘norm’ to have a bra that had wire in it. I don’t even really ever remember getting a choice or being aware that there was many other options available for me. I had underwired bras and that was that. I must have started to wear bras at around age 13 I think. I remember going

All Boobs Welcome… But Not Mine

Honestly, my boobs have always been something that have annoyed me. For as long as I can remember I have had a large chest and at 14 I was teased quite a lot because of it. On a school trip to Germany other kids made fun at the size of my bras and it made me feel awful about the size of my boobs. At the time, I was around a 36D and they haven’t gotten any smaller since. Now, at age 32 I wear size 22 clothes with a bra size of 46D. I