All Boobs Welcome… But Not Mine

Honestly, my boobs have always been something that have annoyed me. For as long as I can remember I have had a large chest and at 14 I was teased quite a lot because of it. On a school trip to Germany other kids made fun at the size of my bras and it made me feel awful about the size of my boobs. At the time, I was around a 36D and they haven’t gotten any smaller since. Now, at age 32 I wear size 22 clothes with a bra size of 46D. I

Why Are We Afraid To Talk About Periods?

I think it was a couple of weeks ago now that I saw a news story pop up on Facebook about a high school aged girl from somewhere in the UK. I really can’t remember where she was from now, or how old she was exactly, but there was something in that story that stuck with me. The girl in the news story had gotten to a point where she was scared, worried and embarrassed about going to school while she was on her period. I get it. I’ve been there. That was nearly 20