Christmas Thank You Cards In 10 Minutes

This year Erin has really begun to understand Christmas a lot more. However, unlike a lot of families, we aren’t bringing Erin up to believe in Santa in a traditional sense. While Erin will know that St. Nicholas gave out gifts to do nice things for others, she won’t believe that Santa brings her presents and certainly not down the chimney. Instead, we are very open with Erin about the fact that we buy her presents, as well as other family and friends. With that in mind, we want Erin to learn about something that

How To Create A PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Playset

AD | Gifted items One of Erin’s favourite cartoons is PJ Masks. As soon as she sees it on TV, or a character somewhere, Erin calls out the names of the characters and gets really excited. We were recently sent the new PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure HQ Rocket and all 3 main characters with their Moon Rovers mixed with a collection of crafting items to help us create a playset! What I used for the Super Moon Adventure Playset We were sent a selection of craft items to make this playset, some of which

Alternative Advent Calendars For 2017

AD | Gifted products I love advent calendars! I always used to get so excited about them as a child, especially because we would often get ours a few days into December meaning we could open more than 1 box! Now though, I have me, John and Erin to think about for advent calendars and there is so much on the market now. I’m sure over time we will all want something different but here are a few that I love this year! John LOVES Haribo. I don’t know how but I never realised they