What To Do Whilst In The Doctor’s Waiting Room

AD | Collaborative post Once you have set an appointment with a doctor for whatever reason, one of the things you need to prepare for afterwards is a number of things you can do during the long waiting time before you actually get to speak to the doctor in person. Although the many smartphone games available these days can help you beat the boredom of waiting, it’s possible that by the time you get to the clinic, the phone’s power will not be enough for several minutes of play. As such, it’s also important that you know fun or productive

PND and Me: Seeking Help

Yesterday was a hard day. After posting about my admittance of having post natal depression  (PND) quite quickly made a doctor’s appointment. I knew that if I didn’t I would probably chicken out and not want to go. Seeking help really is the first step to recovery. My doctor’s surgery changes its rules about when you can and can’t book in advance for so getting an appointment with a particular doctor is nearly impossible. My appointment ended up being with someone who doesn’t work there very often and I had never seen before. I actually think I liked it better that way.