What To Do Whilst In The Doctor’s Waiting Room

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Once you have set an appointment with a doctor for whatever reason, one of the things you need to prepare for afterwards is a number of things you can do during the long waiting time before you actually get to speak to the doctor in person. Although the many smartphone games available these days can help you beat the boredom of waiting, it’s possible that by the time you get to the clinic, the phone’s power will not be enough for several minutes of play. As such, it’s also important that you know fun or productive things you can do even without a smartphone. Some examples are highlighted below.

Fun Things To Do

* Read that novel you’ve long wanted to read. If you tend to prefer doing something you believe needs to be done, don’t worry about not accomplishing any of the tasks in your task list. You deserve a break, after all!

* Visit the doctor’s office with a friend. The waiting time should be a good opportunity to hold important conversations uninterrupted.

* Talk to another patient. See someone anxious or lonely? The waiting time should be the right time to talk to them. Just make sure to first ask the patient if they want to talk. After all, it’s not uncommon for patients to not want to talk to others. If they do want to talk, expect time to fly by really fast, especially if the conversation goes well.

* Redo your hairstyle or try another one. Expect more fun doing this activity if you have extensions from Human Hair Extension Online set on your head.

Practical Activities

Using the wait time to do one of the chores you need to do not only makes time fly so fast, but also allows you to do another important task or a fun activity when you get home. Below are some examples:

* Write a letter or email draft. Is there an email or letter you have long wanted to send but never found the time to create for some reason? The waiting time can be long, thus making it the perfect opportunity to create that letter or email draft. So bring a pen and notebook on your upcoming trip to the doctor’s office.

* Sort out your finances.

* Take that precious nap. Just make sure to inform the receptionist that you might fall into deep sleep in the waiting room. By doing so, you avoid missing your appointment.

* Create your shopping list or come up with a list of household chores that you need to accomplish within the day.

Humourous Activities

Humour is also another way to deal with boredom. Here are some humorous ideas you can do even without a smartphone.

* With your son or daughter, observe other patients inside the waiting room and compare them to animals or cartoon characters. Do this discretely though, other people might not like it!

* Adults can play with their kids and/or other parents’ kids at the children’s section of the doctor’s waiting room if there is one.

It’s difficult to find a doctor who comes to the clinic on time. This is mainly because of the nature of their work—some medical issues take longer than others to sort out. As such, it makes sense to prepare for fun activities you (and your child) can do in the waiting room after setting an appointment online or over the phone.


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