Supporting reading at home with a Reading Chest subscription

Since Erin started school we have tried to help support her learning at home as much as we possibly can. This means buying additional supplies or using subscription services. When Erin was just learning to read we used Reading Chest, a postal service for borrowing books. We’re now using Reading Chest again, to see what it’s like for a more confident reader.

Children’s book review: Kaleidoscope of dinosaurs and Prehistoric life

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links This week’s book review is all about Kaleidoscope of dinosaurs and Prehistoric life by Greer Stothers. The book was published on 15th February 2022 and you can purchase it on Amazon.

Giveaway: Richard Osman’s House of Games

Welcome to the first giveaway of the year! One of my favourite game shows on TV is Richard Osman’s House of Games and it’s something I watch every day that it’s on. I really love that there’s such a variety of rounds each day and there’s something challenging for everyone.There’s also a board game version and today I’m giving one of you the chance to win it for yourself!

Giveaway: Taskmaster The Board Game

Of all of the television shows there is, Taskmaster is one of my absolute favourites. It took me a while to discover it but once I did, I was addicted. It doesn’t matter who the contestants are, it’s one of those shows where I cry laughing at most episodes. Taskmaster is such a fun, and silly TV show so when they brought out a board game version I was excited. Today, I’m giving you the chance to win the game for yourself! Based on the BAFTA winning Channel 4 TV show hosted by the mountainous

Giveaway: Zzzopa Ball from Wicked Uncle

AD | Giveaway No matter time of year it is, we’re always looking for really cool ideas for toys. This could be for a birthday present, Christmas or maybe even just something to do on the weekend. With the help of Wicked Uncle, today we’re bringing you a really cool giveaway to win a Zzzopa Ball.

Giveaway: Barking Heads dog treats

AD | Giveaway We’ve had a few giveaways running lately for a whole range of items such as toys, games even some amazing vouchers! Today we’re doing something a bit different and offering some dog treats as a prize from Barking Heads dog treats! I don’t know about you but we always get Christmas presents for our pets and these treats would make a great present for the pooch in your life!