What Are the Best Protein Sources for Dogs

 What Are the Best Protein Sources for Dogs?

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Any genuine dog owner would want what’s best for their furry friend. Giving them the resources they need to live a long, healthy life is no doubt a top priority. One way to ensure that is to provide your beloved canine the best sources of protein possible.

Below are some examples of protein sources your dog should be getting.

1. Cheese

Many dog owners don’t realize that cheese is a great source of protein for their fellow canines. And, sadly, it isn’t very common to find a dried dog food brand that puts cheese in their products.

If you decide to feed your dog cheese, your best bet is to go for a lower fat option like cottage cheese. Avoid processed cheeses like American cheese. It may also be safe to give your dog cheese alternatives like vegan, dairy-free cheese. However, always check the ingredients in these cheeses beforehand as some of the ingredients may not be so healthy or ideal.

2. Eggs

Not only do eggs offer a great source of protein for dogs, but they also have a plethora of other nutrients in them too. This includes vitamin B2 and B12, vitamin A, and linoleic acid. The latter can ensure your dog’s skin & coat are nice and healthy.

Fully cooked eggs are most recommended for our canine friends. Consider hard-boiled, scrambled, or sunny side up eggs. Make sure to avoid using any sort of oil, butter, butter alternative, or seasonings when cooking eggs for your dog. Large dogs shouldn’t need more than one egg a day while smaller pups shouldn’t need more than one egg a week.

3. Real Meat

The meat contained in dried, processed dog food doesn’t compare to authentic meat. Fresh meat contains higher sources of protein and other nutrients. Not to mention, it tastes better for your pup.

Dried meat, such as Bully Stick, is also a great option for your canine as it has far more benefits than the meh-quality meat byproducts inside your pet’s dry dog chow. While we consider things like this “treats” for our pet, they essentially act like vitamins.

4. Fish

Not only do canines love their red meat and poultry, but they also enjoy (and thrive off) eating fish. It’s true that many dog food brands include fish or fish meal in their formula, but let’s be honest: real fish is the best option. It also contains the best source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids when compared to the fish product inside dry dog food.

A little word of advice, though. Avoid giving your dog farm-raised or heavily processed fishes like canned tuna. Instead, go for wild caught if possible. Raw sardines, anchovies, or salmon are great choices.


Protein is an essential for our pet dogs. While your average commercial dog food brand claims to have multiple sources of protein in them, what many folks don’t realize is that these foods often fail to provide quality protein sources, let alone, a plentiful variety of proteins. By giving your dog other fresher protein sources, they can better ensure a healthy life.

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