Spring Stationery from Flying Tiger

AD | Gifted items One of the things that I really love about stationery is how different it all can be and how diverse different companies are. Flying Tiger is one of those brands that always comes out with something that stands out. It is the end of April now so technically it’s Spring, even if the weather doesn’t want to agree! Flying tiger have come out with some very Spring inspired products this year and they’re bound to brighten up any bag or desk! I am so in love with this grass covered lined

Stylish Stationery from Edie & Rona

AD | Post contains gifted items Sometimes you need something that bit nicer than a plain notepad and BIC pen. Sometimes you need something that looks gorgeous when you take it out of your bag. Sometimes you need stationery that you are proud to be seen with. Edie & Rona provide exactly that! To begin with, I have to say that Edie & Rona send out their products really beautifully packaged. Each piece comes wrapped in delicate tissue paper with either a Edie & Rona sticker or a card to say thank you on larger

Organise Your Life With Busy B

AD | Gifted product I like to think I’m quite an organised person. I love lists and I like nothing more to make plans. However, I love to write things down properly and not have it all on my laptop. This means the need for some stationery to help me plan. Busy B have a wonderful range of products which are perfect to help you organise your life. Budget Book Like a lot of families, John and I can easily find ourselves overspending now and again. This year I really want to figure out where

London Stationery Tour: Part 1

Today marks the start of National Stationery Week and we’ll be posting all week on this subject. To kick off the week my sister Natalie is guest posting today with the start of a mini series all about the London Stationery Tour. I was shown a list of shops in London which could be visited as a ‘stationery tour’. Being a huge stationery fan thought this would be great opportunity to visit some new shops and see what I could find. After completing the tour I’ve decided to amend the list of shops a little

Indra Celtic Tree Of Life Leather Journal

AD | Gifted item It is no secret that I love stationery and I am a massive fan of having a journal. I’m always writing down lists or notes of some kind or another and I love to have one to hand at all times. I believe that you can never have enough journals and notebooks and the one I’m about to talk about is absolutely stunning! Paper High offer Fair Trade leather journals that are made by a family business in Rajasthan, India. We were kindly offered the Indra Celtic Tree of Life Leather