BIC and the British Illustrated Chronicle

Now and again I come across something a bit different that catches my eye. This time it was something magical created by something as simple as a pen and some paper; the British Illustrated Chronicle or B.I.C. for short (created by BIC).

Unlike a regular newspaper, the B.I.C. was created using the BIC 4 colour pens. I used to use these way back when I was in secondary school and I still love them now. This is why I was so interested in this! When I was at school using laptops, phones or tablets was not an option. Now though, ‘over a quarter of children (26%) in Year 6, aged 10-11 years are not meeting the expected standard in handwriting’. How shocking is that?

The B.I.C. was developed with teens in mind to encourage handwriting. The result is stunning!

It’s really hard to believe that these pages were written and drawn using the BIC 4 colour pens. No computers were used, no paints… nothing but the pens!

The illustrations in the B.I.C. took a whopping 109 hours collectively.

46 pens were used to create the B.I.C.

There are over 4000 handwritten words in the B.I.C.

There was only 116,000 copies printed!

Before the final version, there was 27 drafts!

I am honestly so impressed with the B.I.C. I am rubbish at drawing but I have a massive love of pens and stationary. It’s amazing to think what you can create with just one pen.

Keep an eye on my INSTAGRAM account over the next few days where I’ll be giving away a copy of the B.I.C.

Disclaimer: BIC sent us the B.I.C for review. All opinions are our own. 


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