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Taking The Christmas Decorations Down

I don’t know about you but when it comes to Christmas, I hate having the decorations up afterwards. I would quite happily take everything down on Boxing Day or 27th December and be done with it. John has changed his mind from year to year depending on what we have had going on. Taking the Christmas decorations down is something I would really rather do sooner than later.

I honestly don’t mind putting the Christmas decorations up right at the beginning of December. In fact, I love putting the Christmas decorations up as soon as I can. I think it helps to get you in the mood for Christmas and it also helps children to get excited. The Christmas just gone is the first one that Erin has really enjoyed and the first one where she started to understand what was happening.

Erin’s birthday is on New Year’s Day though and there is only a week between that and Christmas Day. Once Christmas is over I kind of want to get the house back to normal and get ready for Erin’s birthday. This means clearing out all of the boxes from Christmas presents, finding new homes for toys and also taking down everything in the house that we put up for Christmas.

Taking The Christmas Decorations Down

Taking The Christmas Decorations Down

Sometimes it seems a little bit sad that we take everything down so quickly now. It seems a bit like the magic of Christmas is gone as soon as the day is over and we have no time to reflect and enjoy our time together. Still, it seems wrong to celebrate Erin’s birthday with the house all decorated for a different occasion. Maybe in later years Erin might ask to keep the decorations up a bit longer but until then, we’ll carry on as we are and take them down soon after Christmas.

Do you take your decorations down as soon as possible or do you leave them up for a while after Christmas? Let me know in the comments! 


Taking The Christmas Decorations Down

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  1. Being as Christmas is technically not over till epiphany Sunday (This year that would be tomorrow), Christmas does not come down till then.

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