The Post Christmas Clean

This Christmas just gone was fantastic and for me, it was one of the best I have had in years. Well, best is probably not the right word because this last Christmas has been very different from the others we have had recently. Instead of it being just me, John and Erin we had my mum, sister and her fiance to stay for about a week. This meant having 5 adults and 1 toddler in the house with a lot of excitement going on. After it was all over, I was really looking forward to the post Christmas clean.

Now, having this many people in the house doesn’t really make it dirty. My family are great for cleaning up quite often and I didn’t have to do the washing up once while they were here because I cooked most of the meals. However, along with the crazy amount of toys, presents and food and drinks, there tends to be things left all over the place and surfaces covered for far too long.

Once the house is relatively empty again I love to have a really good clean and a sort out. This has become more of a thing for me since Erin was born because her birthday is only a week after Christmas Day.

The first thing on the list is loads and loads of laundry. We tend to accumulate a lot over the Christmas period, especially when family are here as more towels are used etc. Not only do I like to get all of our clothes and towels washed but I love to have fresh bedding too! Luckily, our Beko washing machine has a fab 28 minute cycle that really helps out with this.

Post Christmas Clean

Next up is finding new homes for the lovely presents we all received. Erin’s toys kind of took over the living room and dining room this time as she got some big toys like a play kitchen and Happy Land sets. Obviously, if we didn’t get this bit sorted before New Year’s Day we would then have to deal with a whole other load of presents to sort out too and I’d rather do it as two smaller tasks.

The post Christmas clean

Once everything has been put away it’s then time to have a proper clean. Every surface gets wiped down and dusted, furniture gets moved and everywhere gets vacuumed! This job has been made a lot easier now thanks to our new Shark vacuum cleaner, which gets up a crazy amount of dust and dirt. I always feel so much better for having clean floors and it doesn’t take me half as long any more. I like to get every room cleaned both upstairs and downstairs as I really feel like I’m ready to start the New Year then.

The Post Christmas Clean

Do you have a really good clean around the house after Christmas? What is your must do job?

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