Teaching Your Child to Overcome Obstacles

Teaching Your Child to Overcome Obstacles

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We are all faced with obstacles throughout our lives, some more challenging than others. It’s important for parents to try and teach their children various ways to overcome these obstacles whilst they’re still young, so that they are in a better position to deal with any hardships that are thrown their way as they grow up. I have teamed up with a senior school in Kent to offer you some tips.

Embrace Failure

Remind your child that everyone makes mistakes from time to time, even adults. Nobody is perfect and failing helps us learn. With that said, try not to be too hard on your child if they fail at something. You might be disappointed that they got a bad grade on an exam but punishing them for it will only make them more anxious for next time. Instead, teach them that failing only makes us stronger.

Encourage Optimism

Try and help your child look to the future with a positive outlook so that they have the confidence to conquer any challenges. Help build up their confidence by giving them opportunities to develop a range of key skills that will allow them to believe in themselves and their abilities. Encourage them to set short- and long-term goals to work towards and help them understand that if they are determined and persevere even when things get tough, their hard work will eventually pay off.

Promote Independence

If you always swoop in and save the day whenever your child is faced with a setback, they will never learn how to deal with problems on their own. With that in mind, try and give them the space to figure things out without you. You can offer suggestions and provide guidance, but its not always helpful to completely take over. 

New Experiences

Try and expose your child to new experiences on a regular basis so that they have a new set of obstacles to overcome. Routine is great for helping youngsters feel secure but branching away from that routine sometimes will help show them that nothing is as scary as it first seems. The more new experiences they have with you by their side, the easier it will be for them to try new things and take risks without you in the future. 

Be a Good Role Model

Show your child some appropriate ways of dealing with obstacles. If you complain a lot and give up easily, your child will likely do the same. Instead, try and tackle problems with a positive attitude.

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