The Adventures of Paddington magazine review

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When Erin really ends up liking a TV show or cartoon we like to do what we can to extend that into the things she plays with and how she learns. Recently The Adventures of Paddington has been a huge hit and we’ve been watching it every few days. Magazines are a really good way for children to have fun, while learning something new at the same time.

The Adventures of Paddington Magazine

The Adventures of Paddington Magazine is instantly recognisable with Paddington right there on the front cover. Erin was excited as soon as she saw him and couldn’t wait to see what there was to do inside the magazine. Of course, the gift on the front also helped to pique her interest. This particular issue was food themed so the gift was a shopping set.

The Adventures of Paddington Magazine balloon maze

Each issue comes packed with loads of things for children to do, including games, stories, arts and crafts and puzzles. Children are all different and some prefer certain kinds of activities over others so I really like that there’s such a variety and something for everyone to enjoy.

The activities are a real mix of fun but with loads of educational features there too. The magazine supports the Early Years Curriculum in order to help children to develop key skills. This is exactly the kind of thing I would use in half terms or school holidays to keep Erin learning while she’s not at school but without it feeling like work to her.

The Adventures of Paddington Magazine Sticker Bingo

Throughout the magazine there are several pages of activities where there are stickers to use alongside them. One of Erin’s favourites in this issue was Sticker Bingo, where you had to roll dice and match up the numbers to the food stickers. Older children will be able to do a lot of the activities themselves but at age 5, it was really nice that me and Erin could do a lot together.

The Adventures of Paddington Magazine Toys

With the food theme running throughout the magazine the gifts were really great. This issue came with a bank card, card payment machine, coins, shopping trolley and food items as well as Paddington! These items were great for role playing and also to talk about some of the things we’d already seen in the magazine.

The Adventures of Paddington Magazine drawing competition

The Adventures of Paddington magazine also has a fun competition to enter and Erin couldn’t wait to do this. There’s space for your child to draw their own picture of Paddington and you can either email in the submission or pop it in the post. I think that this was definitely one of Erin’s favourite things to do in the magazine as she loves the chance to win something.

The Adventures of Paddington magazine is available to buy every 4 weeks and is aimed at children age 3-6. You can find out more on the Redan Publishing website.


The Adventures of Paddington magazine review

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  1. That looks like such a lovely magazine. Paddington has such a wide appeal too, The activities look really engaging too, looks like your daughter had a great time x

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