Making simple changes with Violife vegan cheese

AD | Collaborative post Quite often we are reminded to make changes in our lives to help the world we live in. We are told to make more sustainable choices such as cutting down on red meat, eating more plants, wasting less food and making changes where possible. But, if you’re a regular family like us, with a pretty picky child, how do you go about doing that?

The benefits of baking for you and your toddler

AD | Collaborative post Who doesn’t love baking with their toddler? When you bake together, you can include your child in the cooking process and teach them about science, maths, creativity and confidence. You’ll also be giving them a head start on eating healthy foods by replacing sugar-laden ingredients with fruit or vegetables! This blog post will explore the benefits of baking together for both you and your little one.

REAL Kombucha: a non-alcoholic alternative for Dry January

AD | Paid collaboration Many of us can over indulge in December, as the festive period gives us more and more opportunities to be social. We tend to go out for more meals, see more of our friends and this can result in a lot more food and drink than we might be used to during other months fo the year. If you like a drink, more specifically a glass or two of wine, but are taking part in dry January this month you might be looking for a non alcoholic alternative to wine.