The Best Glamping Experiences for the Whole Family

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There are a million reasons to have a staycation this year. It’ll be more affordable, less of a commute, no endless air security lines, no need to learn the basics of a language or how to mime “Can I have a coffee?”. Plus, there’s very little choice on where to go right now. 

Swaths of people are turning to glamping for a holiday experience that they will never forget. But anyone can glamp. The glamping sites on this list aren’t just your usual yurt in a field, but they are living experiences that will stay with you and your family. Read on to find more information on the best glamping sites to be found in the country. 

Apple Camping, Pembrokeshire

Apple Camping in Pembrokeshire is a wonderous mix of nature and space-age. You will stay in a beautiful yurt or pod, but the UFO glimpses are what will really bring people to the area. Crowds from all over come to see the Jet Star airplane peeking out the bushes. However, this jet is hiding a bar, a bed and an Xbox set up in the cockpit with a flight simulator to let you play pilot. 

If that’s not your style, there’s the giant Pac-Man-themed pod to discover. A giant geodesic dome sits with a Pac-Man console to play inside. He is designed to look like an innovative space craft and comes with all the amenities expected from a stay in a pod. There is an added Space Odyssey twist, that comes in the form of remote-control entrance and a monitor to play Space Invaders and Defender.

Mallinson’s Woodland Retreat, Dorset

Experience the life of Tarzan and like amongst the trees in The Mallinson’s Woodland Retreat. A rope bridge leads you to a house built on branches with a pier-like boardwalk. But Tarzan didn’t get to enjoy a double-ended copper bath, an open-air tree shower and a spiral staircase leading to a private hot tub and sauna. Look out witfully on the beautiful views of the forest beyond as you soak in full privacy. Enjoy the space and seclusion as well as some outdoorsy activities.

It’ll be hard to leave. You might even need to contact G W Twilley and Son Removals to help you move in. 

Up Sticks Glamping, Worcestershire

On the edge of a safari lodge, Worcestershire’s Up Sticks Glamping offers you an experience that looks like something out of Peter Pan. A comfortable and charming safari tent is parked on a 17-acre rural patchwork of meadows and glistening natural ponds. Each tent comes with their own fully equipped kitchen, sofa, beds, and visiting pixie in the night. 

Explore the wonder of the land that is filled with bike trails and fascinating creatures. There is no shortage of activities to keep the kids entertained. Get to know all the furry or amphibious neighbours that come knocking or collect apples and pears from the orchard. There is the option of getting a secluded or communal tent area so that you can choose privacy or let the kids play with others. Collect eggs from the hens, bike through the trees or paddle down the rivers Severn or Wye.

These are just some of the memorable glamping opportunities currently available in the UK. If you’re looking for a staycation that will stay in your children’s minds forever, there is plenty to choose from to give you and the kids a memorable experience.

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