The Importance Of Reading Stories At Bedtime

The Importance Of Reading Stories At Bedtime

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Before Erin was even born I had a small collection of books for her. Reading was something we did on a daily basis and we did it often. Now, Erin is 3 and reading is still such a big part of our day.

We generally try to stick to the same bedtime routine each evening and somehow this has meant that Erin doesn’t get out of bed in the night. Erin will start off by having a fun bath before watching something on TV like Zog or Room on the Broom. After Erin has had time to relax and calm down during this time she then goes up to bed (mostly with John) for a story session. Depending on how tired Erin is, they can sometimes get through 2-5 books and I’m sure Erin would like more some days.

It’s quite shocking to learn that the number of children reading for pleasure is dropping each year and that parents wish they could read more at bedtime with their children. I can’t imagine it not being a part of our routine and I can’t imagine Erin not enjoying story time. Reading, at any time of day, has so many great benefits for children such as encouraging creativity, language development, emotional development and encouraging an interest in new subjects.

Hannah the Spanner books

There is someone who understands just how important reading at bedtime and that is Stuart Simmonds, author of the Hannah the Spanner series of books. Stuart made up stories for his own children, Hannah and Lucy, and promised that one day the stories he created would be real books… and now they are. The first two books in the seven part series (one for each day of the week), Hannah the Spanner and the Robot and Hannah the Spanner and the Dancing Bear are both available to buy now. 

We were sent the first two Hannah the Spanner books and took them with us on a recent trip away to Ipswich. To us, it doesn’t matter whether we are in Erin’s bedroom, or a hotel room, we always try to keep the routine as normal as possible and this means taking books on holiday with us.

John and Erin reading in a hotel

Immediately, the illustrations by Bill Greenhand stand out. Each page is bright, colourful and has lots for children to take in and discover. A lot of detail has been put on each page so there are smaller things to find here and there as well as seeing the main part of the story.

Hannah the Spanner and the Robot

Having bright, colourful and entertaining characters helps to draw a child into a story and keep them interested. Erin had lots of fun pointing at the pages while John read the story to her. As you can see, the characters are fun, animated and a real joy to follow on each page.

John and Erin reading in a hotel

The stories, although a little long for Erin at the moment, are so creative and fun. Each book has a really enjoyable story which is jam packed with excitement and mystery as well as fun situations throughout. Erin was really excited while reading both books and she couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. We do sometimes have to read them over 2 nights depending on how tired she is at the time.

John and Erin reading in a hotel

It’s such a lovely idea that Stuart Simmonds made up these stories for his children and they’re now real books. Bedtime stories are such an important part of our day and that’s clearly something that Simmonds is a big believer in as well. Erin has such a great imagination and she loves to go to the library to find new books for bedtime. Although we encouraged reading at an early age, Erin now chooses to read and gets excited about reading before bed.

Erin asleep in a hotel bed

We have read these books so many times since we first got them and Erin now asks to read them. I know we’ll be getting the other books in the series as they’re released later this year.

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The Importance Of Reading Stories At Bedtime

26 thoughts on “The Importance Of Reading Stories At Bedtime”

    1. We’re the same as you with books at bedtime and even taking the favourites on holiday. How else could you help them wind down for bed! These look like lovely stories. Xx

      1. We’ve always read to our daughter as part of her bedtime routine and she loves books as a result. It’s lovely to see that she is now able to read stories to her baby brother.

  1. Aww it’s lovely when they get excited about hearing a book being read to them, isn’t it? I absolutely love reading to my two daughters at bedtime 🙂

  2. These books look great! I read every night to my 15m old before bed, we usually stick to flap books as they are his absolute favourite at the minute. But its great to have a little snuggle and read before bed! x x

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I recently shared my tips for raising a reader, and stories at bedtime are definitely part of our routine. It’s important to read with them during the day too though, so they don’t just associate reading with bedtime.

  4. i also agree with you – i loved reading every night with my daughter – now shes a teen ( and keeps changing my wordpress name 😉 – and she loves reading – we are all book worms here – regards Pati Robins

  5. I love story times. Sadly my children are too old for bedtime stories now. I do work with children and I still get to read though. It’s so important to read with them.

  6. These books look awesome, great illustrations. I couldn’t imagine a bedtime without a story, my little man is book crazy and gets through so many each day

  7. I agree on how important it is to read to children. It’s such a key factor in allowing children to grow their creativity. These books look great by the way! 🙂

  8. We have read to our daughter at bedtime since she was a baby and now she is one of the top of her class for reading and writing. It’s importance can’t be underestimated.

  9. I agree I think it’s so important. Jasmine likes short books as she looses concentration quickly as she’s only 16 months, she loves turning the pages though and looking at all the pictures

  10. These books sound fun. I used to love reading to my children when they were small. Two of them are now teachers themselves and still love books.

  11. My kids still love a bedtime story and all bundle into Sebby’s room when we read to him – Wonky Donkey is our fave at the moment, but will look at these

  12. I rather miss reading to my boys now they are older … but I have kept a few of the books I most loved reading to them and others have gone into our holiday home for our young guests to enjoy.

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