Erin sat on a toadstool

The toddler with a million questions

As soon as Erin could talk it became clear very quickly that she was going to be a chatterbox… just like her mother. Over the past couple of months though Erin has really seemed to grasp questions and loves to ask them.

I’m not sure when she learned certain questions but the flavours of the week are ‘Mummy, what happened?’ and ‘Mummy, what’s that?’

You might think that hearing these questions over and over again are annoying but for me they’re really not. Even when I was pregnant I thought about what Erin would be like when she could talk and I might have been dreading the ‘why’ phase. However, I love that Erin is so inquisitive.

Sometimes Erin’s questions can be about something really simple like a food she hasn’t seen before or something they can be about something a bit more interesting. Just the other day a man was cleaning the streets in the town where we live and Erin asked ‘What’s that man doing?’. She knows what cleaning is so I think she was wondering why more than anything.

I think it can be easy to forget that toddlers or children don’t know things like that already and that’s why I love that Erin asks so many questions. Erin’s questions give me an idea of what she does and doesn’t know and also, what I could be trying to teach her at home. She learns an awful lot at school and I am always amazed at what she tells me at home time but I want to help her learn too. Being able to sit down with Erin and explain why something is happening or what something is can be so rewarding when I can see her ‘getting’ it.

Of course, questions such as ‘What’s this?’ about a tiny fleck of dirt somewhere is not quite as rewarding but it is entertaining at least!

I’d love to know some of the funny things your children have asked. Let me know in the comments.

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