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Things To Do In Liverpool As A Family

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We love exploring different places in the UK and we would love to take Erin a bit further afield and discover some new places up north. Somewhere we have heard so many good things about, and it is on a direct train line from Norwich is Liverpool. Of course, the 5 hour train journey might be interesting with a 2 year old so we would definitely need to stay a couple of days to make it worthwhile.

If we were to visit Liverpool and stay for a few days we would need plenty of family friendly activities and places to visit and these are on top of my list:

Matel Play

A play area might not really be for the whole family but if Erin is happy then we are too. Matel Play is 13,000 square feet with three themed areas featuring favourite characters like Thomas & Friends, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder, all of which Erin loves. We don’t go to places like this very often so it would make a change for Erin and I know she would love it.

Liverpool ONE

Shopping might not be right at the top of John and Erin’s list of things to do in a new city but I love it. Liverpool ONE is so different from regular shopping centers though. There are so many things to do in Liverpool ONE as well as the shops. You could go for a game of indoor mini golf, see a film at the Odeon or go for a great meal together. Erin would probably want to stretch her legs and have a run around and Chavasse Park would be the perfect place for that.

Sefton Park

Something we all enjoy, whether it’s sunny or even drizzling a bit, is to be outside. We hate being indoors the whole time and Erin loves to run around and explore. Sefton Park is a huge 1 acre park with playgrounds, caves and waterfalls, the Palm House and a cafe. Doesn’t this sound like a really beautiful place to have a picnic if the weather is nice?

Museum of Liverpool

A museum of some kind of is always on our list of things to do whenever we visit a new city. The Museum of Liverpool sounds quite different from others we have been to before as everything in there is about Liverpool in some way. Erin would have plenty to do in the either of the children’s areas and I think John would really love to learn some more about The Beatles. I think this sounds like a really fun place with something for everyone.

Do you have any suggestions for things to do in Liverpool as a family? Let me know in the comments!

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