Things You May Have Forgotten To Pack For A Family Vacation

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When we talk about family vacations we usually mean parents and the children. However, there are loads of places now that are pet friendly and if you’re looking to have a real family vacation you might end up taking the pets with you as well. I know Erin would love to take Jinx away with us and often talks about putting her in a taxi to get her anywhere! There’s enough to think about when going away without having to think about packing so I thought I’d share some ideas for what to pack for a family vacation.

For the grown ups

Something I always wish I had packed is a book. I plan to do work sometimes while we’re away so I always have things like my laptop and phone with me but when it really comes to it, I want to relax a little bit. A few years ago I used to have a Kindle and I used it all the time when travelling. My problem is that I read quite fast so I can go through a couple of books at least on a trip away. Travelling with a Kindle makes things a lot easier as there’s more options and it’s a lot more lightweight.

When you go on holiday you want it to be a relaxing time. However, when you travel as a family you don’t always get that, especially if your children are younger and maybe a bit loud and crazy at times. I’m lucky that John and Erin usually go to sleep quite early so I get a few hours to myself on an evening usually. I like to spend my time having a really big bubble bath and relaxing with some music, knowing that John can sort Erin out if needed. I like to make sure I have something nice for the bath and my earphones so that I can switch off for at least a little bit.

For the kids

Travelling with young children can mean packing a whole lot of stuff. I am usually the one to be in charge of packing for all of us and that’s a lot of responsibility. While I try to remember everything Erin could possibly want, there are always things I might not have thought about or things I might forget. Sometimes it will be something that Erin has thought of completely out of the blue!

Whenever we go anywhere Erin tends to take something she’s really attached to. This could be a teddy, a toy and more often than not it’s a particular drinking bottle or snack box. She can get really particular about this kind of thing and if lost, all hell could break loose. Nomi+Sibs have really lovely reusable that are idea for drinks bottles, snack containers or even a thermos!

For the pets

If you are travelling with your feline friend there are quite a few things you’ll need to take with you. It can be hard for cats to get used to a new place so keeping them indoors is a must. Being away from their usual surroundings means that cats might need a bit more TLC than usual. The Sleek EZ can help to get rid of shedding hair on small animals and they’ll also really love the massaging motion, which can help to relax them.

If it’s a dog that will be going on holiday with you then there are other things you may need to pack. Dogs are easier to get outdoors, and will obviously need the same amount of exercise as normal. This, of course, raises their appetite so it would be a good idea to carry snacks with you at all times and the healthier the better. You might think about buying from somewhere like this: 

Are there any products that you always take away on a family vacation?


Things You May Have Forgotten To Pack For A Family Vacation

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