Thrills and excitement at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

Thrills and excitement at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

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Living in North Norfolk, Great Yarmouth is only around an hour away and we try to do something different each time we go. On our most recent day out, we visited Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach!

Where is Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach?

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach
South Beach Parade
Great Yarmouth
NR30 3EH

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach waltzers

How to get there

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach does have a car park, which is operated by Greene Parking. The car park is located at the south end of the Pleasure Beach, near gate D.

Alternatively, the Great Yarmouth train station is a 30-minute walk away, or the nearest bus stop is at the Great Yarmouth bus station, a 20-minute walk away. Both locations have taxis available close by if you don’t fancy the walk.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Haunted Hotel

Booking tickets

The Pleasure Beach currently operates in limited capacity times sessions. During the open season, these are from 11-2 and 2:45-5:45 and some days have an additional slot between 6:30-9:30. Each session is open to a certain number of people and once all of these tickets are gone there will be no more sold.

Book tickets on the Pleasure Beach website:

Height restrictions

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach has 26 rides with varying height restrictions. The smallest rides start at under 0.9m while others have a minimum height of 1.3m. The Pleasure Beach has a great chart showing what heights are suitable for each ride and it makes it really easy to plan what your party can and cannot go on before your visit.

All about our day!

As we were on a press trip for the day we had to enter via Gate D, which is right the way down the end of the Pleasure Beach and it’s quite a bit of a walk. However, this was actually a really great place to start because it meant that we could start at one end and work our way down to the other.

Having looked at the heigh restriction guide before our visit I was able to prepare Erin and tell her that she wouldn’t be able to go on absolutely everything at the Pleasure Beach. Although I remembered some of the rides she was able to go on, we did have to check for some others. Luckily, all rides have a guide before the entrance so you can measure your child if you need to and see if they can go on or not, or if they need to be with an adult.

Although we didn’t realise the name of the ride at the start, we began with a ride on the ‘Whirlwind’, thinking we could start off slow. The ride a bit more spinny than me and Erin had imagined but she went from hating it to going on it again immediately after the first time. I think she came off this one so excited to try as many of the rides as she could.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Whirlwind

Something recommended is that you ride the big rollercoaster and the log flume earlier in your visit rather than later. This is because these are two of the rides with the longest queues and they shut those queues before the end of the session. Erin and John went on the log flume around 1pm and they closed the queue at 1:30. On our next visit we’d probably do this earlier so that Erin can go on it more than once if she wanted to.

Although Erin wasn’t able to go on absolutely everything, there was more than enough for us to do in our 3 hour time slot. In fact, we didn’t actually get to do all of the rides suitable for Erin because we ran out of time. She did go on Freefall about 6 times though so maybe if she hadn’t we could have done some of the other rides too.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach Freefall

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach has plenty of food and drink options, should you get hungry during your visit. The first 2 sessions of the day are right over meal times so it’s great there’s so many different options. We saw everything from fish and chips to ice cream to burgers and hot dogs so there was a lot of choice. Although we didn’t eat here, I did look at the prices and thought they were quite reasonable for somewhere like this.

Another option for food is Sara’s Tearooms, located in Pleasure Beach gardens and this is something you could do after your visit.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach food prices

We all had an absolute blast at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach and we already can’t wait to go back. There are rides for everyone, whether you want something fast or slow like the Monorail. As a family, we all had a great time for different reasons!


Thrills and excitement at Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach

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