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Tips for Creating a Rustic Garden

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In the world where fast fashion and mass production seem to have reached their peak, it comes as no surprise that some people are returning back to basics. That’s one of the reasons that the rustic design is becoming so increasingly popular. In layman’s terms, the word “rustic” is often used to describe something that’s simple in nature, yet sturdy, usable and practical. However, in the décor world, rustic pieces are the ones that are of high-quality and somewhat unique in terms of not really being able to obtain them just anywhere.

That’s why the rustic garden design, in particular, has become such a huge trend. It enables you to create an environment that’s not only unique and visually pleasing, but the one that will serve you for many years to come. That being said, here are some fun tips that can help you create a rustic garden right in your backyard. If you’re not sure what to do though, try Placer service garden experts for some advice. 

Embellish your garden with unique décor pieces

To start off, you should look into different décor pieces that will help you elevate the look of your garden. Since the rustic style is quite open towards unique and unexpected décor, you can go as low or high-key as you want. For instance, create an interesting wind chime by using some old – and preferably mismatched – cutlery. Additionally, you can even add a statement décor piece, such as a hand-carved Balinese art piece, to your porch. If you’re not sure where you can find such a piece, you can always find more information online. Finally, get your hands on an old vintage bicycle, repaint it and make it serve as an interesting plant holder. 

Create a useful rustic log arbor

Next, to add more depth to your garden, you should try and create a log arbor. Not only do these look absolutely amazing – especially if you plat a climbing vine right next to them, but they’re also quite a multifunctional addition. For instance, you can enjoy spending some time in the arbor reading and enjoying the fresh air. Or you can encourage your children to spend more time playing outside if you create a nook for them under the arbor. 

Fill the space with re-purposed and salvaged goods

Furthermore, another staple of a rustic design is everything salvaged and repurposed. Using such items to tie your backyard décor together will truly make it feel rustic and unique. For instance, when choosing the best outdoor furniture, consider making your own out of industrial pallets instead of opting for the store-bought pieces. Moreover, if you have some pots that are damaged or unusable for cooking, you can easily turn them into lovely planters. By using repurposed and salvaged goods to complete the look of your garden, you’ll only be boosting the rustic vibe.

Add some color with carefully-selected plants

Finally, no garden would be whole without some beautiful plants and flowers. However, a rustic garden is usually filled with plants that not only look beautiful but the ones that can also be quite useful. What this means is that, while you certainly can – and should – fill your garden with different flowers, you should also explore some other plant life. For instance, consider planting lavender, thyme, basil and rosemary as well. These plants, aside from looking quite lovely and rustic, can also be used for cooking. So, not only are they super pretty but they’re useful as well.

With just some careful planning and with the use of proper materials, you can turn your backyard into a lovely rustic garden in no time. To make the entire project even more fun, ask your kids to help you make this dream a reality. 


Tips for Creating a Rustic Garden

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