Switching Our Electricity Supplier To Bulb

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I think it was back in April, or maybe it was late March, that our tariff ended with our electricity supplier. We had been with Scottish Power since moving into this house 6 years ago and never really thought much about it. However, we had nothing but problems since lockdown started.

Everything to do with our account was generally done online and we had switched tariffs multiple times before with no issues. This time though, for an unknown reason, the change would not stick. This meant us having no set tariff for weeks and our bills being higher than they should have been. We tried to get this sorted but without being able to speak to a real person we had to resort to Facebook and emails. Whoever tried to sort it didn’t do it properly and our account was forever showing different amounts and different dates for payments, even though we hadn’t asked for this.

In the end it all got too much and I decided that we couldn’t trust them anymore and it was time to switch. After asking for some advice for others that had done the same thing, we decided on Bulb. It wasn’t really a company I had heard much about but I liked that it all seemed simple, straightforward and there wasn’t any confusing tariffs to choose from.

Signing up with Bulb to make the switch was really very simple. After putting in some details about where we live we were able to input our energy usage from our bills with Scottish Power. This meant that Bulb could calculate what our yearly usage was and then told us what our monthly payments would be. You can do this without the exact numbers but then it won’t be as accurate. Our figure ended up being £30 less than what we had been paying with Scottish Power.

Once we had given all of the details, which wasn’t really very much, that was it. Bulb get in touch with your old supplier and they do everything for you and I think this was the bit I was worried about. Bulb gave us a clear timeline on when things would happen and we could see this every time we logged into the account.

Bulb switch information

From deciding to switch to being a Bulb customer took 3 weeks and this is when our first payment was made. Bulb send all of the meter details to your old supplier too so after the switch is done you then just have to wait for a final bill. We haven’t had this yet so it’s just the final part of the switch that we’re waiting for. However, if your old supplier chargers an exit fee then Bulb pays up to £60 per fuel so you don’t have to.

I was able to use a referral code from someone I know and this meant that by switching I would get £25 (£50 if you switch gas too) and so would they. We were going to switch anyway so this was a nice bonus for us both. The amount was added to our account on the day that our first payment was made.

I honestly couldn’t have been happier with how easy it was to switch to Bulb. There was no hassle, no stress and we really didn’t have to do much. We had email communication along the way and we always knew what was happening at each step. If you want to make the switch then if you use this link, you will get £25 per fuel, as will I:


Switching Our Electricity Supplier To Bulb

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