5 Tips For Long Haul Travel

Tips For Long Haul Travel

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I think we’re really lucky living in the UK that we have plenty of airports to choose from, where they all fly to so many different destinations. We are able to hop over to France or Spain in a really short time or we are able to go further afield to place like Australia, America or maybe even somewhere like India.

My first trip abroad was when I was 18 but over the last 15 years I have been able to travel to some really fantastic places. However, travelling long haul is so different to short trips into Europe but there are things you can do to make planning and travelling a lot easier. I’m going to share with you 5 tips for long haul travel.


I absolutely love planning a trip and this part of the process is partially what gets me so excited about my next holiday. However, there can be lots of things to think about when planning a long haul trip. First things first, you need to decide where you’re going. Looking up websites that specialise in that area, such as Santa Barbara Travel, is a great way to start thinking about what you want to do while you are there. These kinds of websites are great for information such as the best time to visit, what events or holidays might be on and also what attractions there are to visit there.


The thing about long haul travel is that it obviously takes a long time. I don’t particularly mind long travel times, especially now that I don’t smoke any more, but some people get quite restless and agitated.

If you are travelling on a long haul flight there are certain things that you can do to make the journey a little bit more comfortable and a bit less stressful. It is recommended that if you are flying for over 3 hours then you should wear compression socks (you can buy from legioncompressionsocks.com) to help minimise the risk of deep vein thrombosis. Ensuring you drink plenty of water is also a good idea when flying long haul and this will also make sure you walk around when you need to use the toilet!

I don’t particularly like plane food, unless it’s breakfast, so I tend to stock up on food at the airport or bring some before the journey. Being prepared at least with sandwiches everyone likes means you can have something to eat without worrying about what the meal will be. If you do end up liking the food on the plane then at least you’ll have another snack if you get peckish later on!

Wearing tight clothes can be really uncomfortable when travelling long haul. I like to be as comfortable as possible on a flight and seeing as you can take a good sized hand luggage on with you it’s a good idea to take a change of clothes with you. If you’re flying at night then changing into pyjamas or lounge clothes would be ideal.

Holiday time!

After spending probably months planning and hours travelling it’s finally time for an amazing holiday! So many destinations that are far away have climates very different to ours. Because of this, it’s important to know how to look after yourself properly and to take extra steps to stay safe and healthy.

Something I struggle a lot with overseas is my hair. As soon as I go somewhere that’s a bit warmer with different humidity my hair goes a bit crazy and it doesn’t cope well. Using products like OuttaSight Hair can help to keep both your hair and scalp healthy and moisturised. Somehow, I always end up with a burned scalp when I go anywhere even a little bit hot so something like this will be so helpful.

If you are off exploring somewhere new, especially somewhere a bit more remote, you don’t want to get caught out without a drink so making sure you have a bottle of water where ever you go is always a good idea. Some countries won’t have safe drinking water everywhere so buying bottled water if your best option.

Have you travelled long haul before? What would your tips be?


Tips For Long Haul Travel

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