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Tips For Setting Up A Bakery Business

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At the moment, it’s hard to know what’s happening from one day to the next and many of us don’t have a steady income. If you’re skilled in the kitchen then you might want to think about setting up your own bakery business, selling delicious treats in your local area. It’s not quite as easy as baking and selling from your own kitchen though and there are quite a few things you need to think about.

Market research

You can’t run a bakery business without some amazing products. However, you need to do some market research first especially if you’re planning on selling in your local area. You don’t want to waste your time baking products that won’t sell or overpricing your products so that people won’t buy them. Figure out what your customers want and will buy and go from there.

Food hygiene rating

As you set yourself up as a business there will be many rules you need to adhere to. As you’ll be preparing and selling food you will need to get your kitchen checked by the food standards agency so that they can determine your food hygiene rating. Having a great food hygiene rating can really help to let your customers know that you follow good practices.

The best equipment

When it comes to business, you need to invest in what you’re selling. In this case, better kitchen equipment could really help you to produce the best products you can. From ovens to mixers to scales, there are plenty of things for you to think about and what you might need. To help, you can learn more about scale calibration weights and to see how they can help you with weight accuracy, therefore improving your recipes. Don’t forget also about the equipment to create visibility for your business on the Internet – try different programs to design your business page on social networks.  For example, try Movavi Screen Recorder and record a video interview about how you set up your business or a brand presentation for future clients – embed it in your email newsletter and enjoy your success!

Long days

Being a baker can often mean working long days. Cakes, breads, pastries etc. aren’t something that can be knocked up easily. Baking takes skill and time, especially if you plan on making fancy cakes for occasions such as weddings or christenings. Prepare yourself and think about getting yourself an espresso machine from


Any business needs insurance and when you’re selling to the public you want to make sure you get the right coverage. Insurance can be quite a minefield though and there are so many different options to consider. You might want to click here to find out more about independent adjuster bonds.

Do you have your own bakery business or do you love baking? What tips would you give someone just starting out?

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