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Tips To Follow While Choosing The Best Anniversary Flower Bouquet

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While flowers are great in a relaxing garden, they are also a popular gift to give to someone you care about. They can be given to celebrate a promotion, a graduation, or even on certain holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

They are also popular to give and receive on anniversaries. Nothing says love like some fresh bouquets to celebrate another year with your partner. But how can you choose the best anniversary flower bouquet for your partner? Keep reading to find out.

Consider How Long You Have Been Married

One of the most popular ways to choose anniversary flowers is to think about how long you have been married. There are specific flowers that are often given as gifts once a couple has reached a certain marriage milestone.

The flowers to choose for each anniversary differ from year to year. For example, a first wedding anniversary is often celebrated with a carnation or some pansies. These are vibrant blends that signify the excitement surrounding a new marriage. 

Other examples of this idea are giving daisies on the fifth anniversary, daffodils on a tenth anniversary and daylilies for the major milestone of a twenty year anniversary.

Choose Their Favorites

Of course, another great option could simply be to choose a flower that they enjoy. The ultimate goal is to show your appreciation and make your loved one happy, and giving them a flower they love is a great way to do so.

If you don’t know their favorites, or they want to be surprised with something different, going with flowers that are a color they like or feature a scent they enjoy is a good idea. If someone loves pink or purple, there is a good chance they will appreciate a purple or pink flower.

As far as scent goes, flowers can range from smelling very sweet, to smelling fresh, and feature a wide range of other scents. Of course, if a person is allergic, be sure to avoid flowers that are bad for those with allergies. The last thing you want to give someone on your anniversary is a runny nose and irritated eyes.

Think About Flower Meanings

It is always a good idea to think about the meanings behind particular flowers too. If you are struggling to decide on one to give, think about the emotion or message you want to convey. Each flower will have its own meaning and they are readily available to learn about online.

For example, red roses are a classic bloom that signify romance, passion and love. On the other hand, a hibiscus will signify delicate beauty. Each flower has their own, and once you know the kind of message or emotion you want to convey to your loved one, choose a flower that represents that.

While meanings are important to some, this isn’t always the case. If your partner loves a particular flower, feel free to give it to them as part of an anniversary gift, even if the meaning doesn’t exactly line up perfectly.

Ensure the Flowers are High-Quality and Healthy

No matter what kind of bouquet you decide to go with, it is crucial to ensure that the flowers are healthy, fresh and high-quality. You don’t want to give a wilted or half-dead flower on any occasion, but especially one as special as this.

Thankfully, there are some ways to spot a healthy flower before you buy it so you can ensure it won’t die before you get a chance to give it as a gift. First of all, you should look at the petals. They should be colorful and relatively smooth and firm. If they are beginning to get discolored or wilt, that is a bad sign.

Next, you need to ensure the stem is green and stiff, and the leaves look healthy. If the stem is softening, or the stem or leaves are turning brown, it could be a sign that the flower is not very fresh.

If you get the flowers online, you simply have to put trust in the online florist. To ensure the flowers are fresh and healthy when they arrive, consider getting them from a reputable online florist. They should have a long track record of delivering quality flowers, and have a lot of happy customers.

Also, be sure you and your spouse know how to care for the flowers well, too. Ensure their stems are trimmed, they are put in cool or cold water, and some flower food is added to their vase, as well. Caring for flowers can be the difference between them lasting a day, or lasting a week or longer.

Also, while many plants need a lot of sunlight to survive, many flowers actually do better in cooler areas with indirect light. If flowers get too hot, it can contribute to their faster deterioration. Also, be sure to change out the water frequently to keep it clear, and removing any leaves before putting flowers in water is also a good practice to consider.

Add a Note or Card

While flowers themselves can be a great gift, they can also be a little impersonal. They are a general gift and while they are a kind and appreciated gesture, they are a common gift. If you want to make the gift of flowers a little more personal on your anniversary, consider adding a note or card.

This can be a simple card telling someone how much they mean to you, or can be a longer note expressing your love or reminiscing about past experiences that you shared. The choice is yours when it comes to what to write, but speak from the heart and it will make this gift that much more special for the person receiving it.

In conclusion, we hope that this guide has been able to help you choose the right flower bouquet to celebrate your anniversary and put a smile on the face of your loved one.

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